About Kieran

“A ladies man who claims he can get any woman he wants”

Kieran works as a honey-trapper at his fellow housemate Rebecca’s detective agency.

Alpha-male Kieran says he can’t be controlled and is super competitive. He can be stubborn and has a short fuse, which has got him into trouble in the past. He can be blunt at times and always cuts straight to the point.

Kieran has featured on Ex On The Beach and believes his fellow female housemates will be ‘fighting over him’.

Why Big Brother? “I want to see how I’ll cope in an environment where I’m trapped and have no control over what I do or where I go.”

7 comments on Kieran

  1. Aaron says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    Lol I didn’t realise Jay from Tattoo Fixers was on Big Brother. >.>
    Boring dude imo

  2. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    Yes adds very little and is nearly as dense as the Hobbit ( Tom ).

    Another Lotan lackey.

  3. Oxfords says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    What a shallow generation the young are, always looking for the greener grass on the other side, well from my long life experience it doesn’t exist, going from one partner to another seeking the highest thrill only leads to one thing – dissapointment and disillusionment and damages your mental wellbeing.
    Kieran – “handsome” sorrry I don’t see it, I just in him Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy, it’s the “piggy” eyes I think.
    Life is grind not bump and grind and finding the right partner to endur lifes ups and downs is key, seeing out glitter with no substance never works it just leads to a “glitter” chase and upteen diviorces and a string traumatised children. But that is most of todays young, selfish, me, me, me not giving a hoot for the feeling of others, what a world my father and grandfather’s gave THEIR youth for fighting to save this land ours, these respectable and rerspectful men would he horrified at what their grandchildren have become.

  4. VJB says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    He’s a whore

  5. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    What has he done to his hair ???
    Looks like he’s sporting a toupee.

  6. Stu says:
    Thu 13 Jul Reply !

    He would bore you to death. No wonder there are so few comments about him.

  7. Winner says:
    Tue 25 Jul Reply !

    He gets angry when two of his biggest rivals to win (Tom and Hannah) come back in.
    What a boring c**t, if he wins i wont be watching BB e er again.

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