Exclusive: Rebecca on Big Brother, Kieran and her clash with Joe

Entrepreneur chats to bbspy about Fight Night, Chanelle and other housemates
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Big Brother 2017 - Rebecca Jane third evicted

Rebecca Jane, the third evictee of Big Brother 2017, reveals all about her housemates, her relationship with Kieran Lee and her bust-up with Joe Quaranta in this exclusive interview with bbspy!

Rebecca is no stranger to the media: she has written a best-selling book (‘The Real Lady Detective Agency’) about her own private investigation firm, and been a pundit for newspapers and TV shows, including ITV’s This Morning, discussing issues such as cheating partners and make-up in the workplace.

But last month the entrepreneur took things to a new level when she entered the United Kingdom of Big Brother with her employee, Kieran, as one of this summer’s much-hyped ‘pairs’ – and instantly found herself at the centre of are-they-aren’t-they speculation about the real nature of their connection.

While being filmed 24 hours a day in Britain’s most famous house, she also had squabbles with several housemates, including Joe – with their infamous ‘#SomebodysDaughter’ argument leading her to question Kieran’s loyalty.

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Rebecca Jane and Kieran Lee

Now, bbspy has caught up with Rebecca for a chat about Big Brother experience. Here she gives her take on Fight Night 3, Chanelle’s warnings, and who will get the boot next – and spills the beans about her relationship with Kieran, including what they got up to in hiding for the show…

Hello Rebecca! You lasted 18 days in the Big Brother house – how has your first week back on the outside been?
It’s been great. I did BB to clear my head from a very stressful life, and for the fact that I love the program. I achieved both of these things, so I’ve come back to my normal life stronger and happier.

You were evicted just before it all kicked off in what fans have dubbed ‘Fight Night 3’. Do you think Big Brother was right to remove Lotan?
I think there’s a lot of decisions in the house that are made and I have no understanding. However, you have to keep faith that the big bosses know what they’re doing. When I saw the bottle fly, I knew Lotan would have to go… I also understand why Kayleigh had to go, but I entirely believe Chanelle should have gone as well. Then there’s times other housemates don’t even get warnings for some very bad behaviour – Imran also sent a glass flying during an argument. The reasoning behind decisions doesn’t always make sense, but we’re just guinea pigs in a game and we have to go along with whatever is decided.

Big Brother 2017 - Sukhvinder Javeed accuses Chanelle McCleary of trying to suffocate her in plastic bag argument

What about the other housemates involved – should some of them have been given harsher punishments?
I think it’s laughable that Chanelle was sat in the Diary Room being told, ‘We know we’ve given you a final warning, but now we’re giving you another final warning’. Big characters were leaving the program very quickly, personally I think they’re scared of anymore going… which is why Chanelle got to stay – again! She instigated the situation with Kayleigh, who had been given no warnings for previous conduct. Chanelle sent a glass flying. She punched a wall during the fight with Sukhvinder too. She put the bag over Sukh’s head. She caused me injury, which is a removable offence – not to mention the fact she didn’t learn her lesson and went to put suncream all over the floor… how on earth she is still there when others have gone is insane.

That house sends you crazy. Emotions were high, everyone behaved to an extreme level. Yes, more should have been done – but where on earth do you start?! Turf the whole house out on the street and start again?!

You had a huge bust-up of your own with Joe after he said you “irritate” him. Some of the other housemates said that, when you saw the argument, you’d regret how you behaved – have you watched it back and do you regret your behaviour?
I think my housemates will come out, watch it back and regret how THEY behaved. Personally, I regret nothing.

Big Brother 2017 - Rebecca Jane argues with Joe Quaranta

I am me, unlike some in that house I couldn’t be fake or play a game. When I hurt, you saw it, when I was furious, you saw it and when I was fully going out of my mind, you saw that too. Joe is a vile person – all I said was,’ How would you feel if someone said these things to your daughter?’.

I had a tough time settling into the house. The first night I spent a long time in the Diary Room and had a huge panic attack. I questioned what I’d done by being there and that it was the worst decision of my life… I had issues with Kieran… my anxiety was at a whole new level, to where I absolutely wanted to melt down whenever BB spoke… I was learning a new way of life and on-screen I knew it wasn’t coming across well. I was worried about my parents. They’re two of my best friends and I knew my mother would be in a state watching how I was coping anyway. When Joe said what he did, they were all I could think of. I just knew with how I’d been, my mother would be so upset hearing this 56-year-old man attacking me in such a personal way – funnily enough, my mother and my agent were already asking producers to pull me out because they were so worried. I wanted him to think about how he would feel if I was his daughter.

Joe, unfortunately, doesn’t have more than 3 brain cells. He therefore struggled to understand my point, or he understood it, realised he was out of order and tried going on a defensive in order to take the heat off him with an outlandish claim that I was ‘bringing his daughter into it’. Absolute nonsense.

My housemates are either scared of Joe, or they think he is some kind of matriarch. Therefore when they get out and open their eyes to him… they will see how they behaved that night was wrong. I will say Deborah, Hannah and in part Chanelle were on my side and they were a great support that night.

Does it “irritate” you that Joe survived the public vote that resulted in your eviction?
Haha – like that ‘irritation’ word use! Of course, slightly. I lost by less than 0.5% of the public vote (Editor’s note – Channel 5 has not publicly confirmed any voting statistics for Rebecca’s eviction). The first thing anyone tells me is how I should have never left when I did. I like to think that everything happens for a reason, and my time was up. It’s better to come out to people still wanting you in than telling you they’re glad you went! It was just a pity I was pulled out when I JUST found my feet, you saw 27 of my personalities, but I had another 17 to show – and they’re the best ones!

Joe is up for eviction again this week, this time against Charlotte and Tom – who do you think will go?
I’m glad Joe’s true colours are back out again after ‘#IAmSomeonesDaughter night round 2’ with Andrew. Joe was coasting before that. He’d heard the public reaction the night I left and how they hated him, so he chilled for a bit. In my opinion, earlier this week, Tom would be going… but I think Joe is on his way out now. Toodles kid 👋🏻 about time!

Big Brother 2017 live launch - Kieran Lee and Rebecca Jane

Your relationship with Kieran has been a major talking point. Do you think it has been or will be changed by your time on Big Brother?
No. So here’s the thing… Kieran and I are friends, who have accidentally slept together. Of course I’m attracted to him, he’s beautiful! There’s a chemistry, of sorts… but we are friends and we have never wanted anything more. It’s a ludicrous idea that we would ever have a relationship because of the places we’re at in our lives. We are exceptionally flirtatious out of the house, we laugh constantly in each other’s company and we have a great time. We’re not best buddies that see each other constantly.

Half of the problem for me was the time we went away before entering the house. Our dynamic was different to normal. We were together CONSTANTLY. We spent days cuddled together in bed, because we had nothing better to do… and the inevitable sexual accidents occurred… literally hours before entering the house.

We didn’t know that BB would even mention that our friendship had gone to that level. You see the shock on my face when Emma asked me about it… instantly we were on guard. We didn’t want it to be a thing, because we know it will never be anything outside of BB. Kieran and I were also protecting people on the outside who we’ve had relationships with. We were very, very conscious of what was being portrayed. It got worse when all our housemates constantly asked questions about it and made out that we would be something.

Big Brother 2017 - Kieran Lee and Rebecca Jane hug in the Diary Room

I kept Kieran at a distance, but he kept me at an even bigger one. We weren’t even 5% as close in the house as we were on the outside, and that was hard for me to take. I was struggling in there anyway, and a friendly face is always going to be a security blanket. But I felt like I couldn’t even turn to him anymore for fear of what people would say or think. The celebs actually came in and told me I was being portrayed as a bunny boiler, which is what caused one of my biggest meltdowns. It was also my turning point.

I did completely understand that we had to be distant, but it was rough. We had a conversation about it in the bathroom where he pretended like he didn’t know what I was talking about… but the next day he came and apologised. He understood exactly what I meant. He said that we know how we are, we shouldn’t stop being like that because of what others think… however, too much damage had already been done by that point.

I knew what had been portrayed about me, and that’s so far from the person I am that I had to change it. I virtually had nothing to do with Kieran after that… and by the end of it I was far closer to Lotan than I was to him. I felt I lost my friend in the house, but I know how much he cares about me. He doesn’t always make the best decisions (bathroom night & Joe night) but ultimately Kieran does see when he goes wrong. I relied on him too much at the start when it wasn’t his place to get me through. Whatever happens, we will be fine when this is all over. That’s one thing I do know.

As for Emma saying she ‘knew I loved him’, it’s a cute idea… but the truth is I love someone else, and Kieran knows that.

In hindsight, would you rather have done the show on your own?
Everyone has told me I should have done it alone, and I would have been a better housemate. The worst part of leaving is hearing what people have thought about Kieran not standing up for me. I’ll never turn on him, and I’ll never say I wish I did it differently or alone.

Four new ‘Second Chance’ housemates have arrived. Which of them is your favourite so far, and how do you think they’ll change the group dynamic in the long run?
Well ‘Hurricane’ Sue has turned into a summer’s day breeze… Simone I don’t have an opinion on. Sam is a complete weapon… Andrew is my favourite so far. I don’t get the goggles though…

Do you think it’s fair that they’re getting to play for a separate £15,000 prize?
All is fair in love and war! I wouldn’t be bothered if I was in there, because I never thought I’d win. No need to be greedy is there! Let them have £15k! If you win, you still get £85k so why moan?!

If you were Big Brother, what would you do to shake up the house?
I’d go back in, sit them all down and tell them EXACTLY what I think. That would well and truly shake that house up. What I know being out and what I knew being in there, is completely different. They have no idea in that little bubble!

Big Brother 2017 housemates

Kieran – get off the fence. PLEASE come back to that fun, happy and energetic person I’ve always known (watch our VT – he’s two completely different people). You’re only seeing one side of Kieran right now, and that makes me sad. He has SO much more to give!

Ellie – time to get a grip. Fire off Sam. You didn’t want him coming into the house when we let Issy & Savannah in… because you knew he was fake. He’s fame hungry and said he didn’t know you when he’s even been on Ibiza Weekender! He’s PLAYING you because he thinks you’ll win, and he wants to look like a knight in shining armour. You’re letting the house dull your sparkle and you need to bring it back!

Chanelle – you’re two-faced. Everything you say and do is a fake act! You’re playing this game more than anyone, but play it by being yourself and not a fictitious persona!

Raph – what the hell are you doing?! You were loved! Now people are turning on you because you’re going backwards and forwards being a bitch. Stop it! You found your feet and now you’re trying to play the game, but you’re doing it badly! Don’t be that guy!

Hannah – just leave… stop singing…. and you are genuinely, the most selfish person in the house.

Big Brother 2017 live launch - Deborah and Hannah Agboola

Debs – stop fighting your sister’s battles. You’re a sound and grounded woman. I understand your loyalty, but you’re bringing yourself down by fighting fires that your sister has created. More often than not, she is in the wrong, be careful and just be you.

Charlotte – I love you. I hate that they’re not portraying you as we know you. You’re hilarious, intelligent, grounded, confrontational and thoughtful. You’re a wonderful housemate and an even better person.

Tom – oh Tom. We all thought you were the king of the house. I was stunned to know the public didn’t really like you. You had me in stitches, but your immaturity is ruining you. You really need to evaluate what you think of people and stop trying to make protests and stands for people who are wrong.

Joe – I don’t waste my breath on bullies.

Finally, what surprised you the most about the Big Brother experience – and if you could return to the show, would you do anything differently?
How quickly it broke me. I’m the most strong and confident person outside of the house… but I also know that my mind is my strongest and weakest aspect. I knew the house would break me, but I didn’t think it would be instantly when they shut the doors. I only just found my feet when I was evicted. It’s a pity, but it’s life.

Big Brother 2017 - Rebecca Jane third evicted

I couldn’t ‘play the game’, because I can’t act… so there’s nothing I would do different. I came out too soon, I showed everyone the nugget I can be… but it’s my journey, that WAS my BB experience and I fully own it all.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5, and on 3e in Ireland

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