Comment Rules

There’s nothing better than a good old debate, which is why we’ve put comment areas on bbspy! However, we do ask that you adhere to our comment rules when using them. All bbspy users acknowledge and agree to all of the following:

  1. Users must be polite to each other at all times. We will not tolerate comments that contain personal insults, excessive swearing or profanities, or language that could be deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory, hateful, harmful, threatening, abusive, or otherwise offensive.
  2. Users may not post comments that are potentially libellous, defamatory, or otherwise illegal.
  3. Users must post constructively, on-topic and in English. Comments that contain excessive text speak or are largely/wholly typed in capital letters are not allowed.
  4. Users may not impersonate other users or post under multiple aliases. Comments left by bbspy staff members will be highlighted in blue.
  5. Unauthorised advertising of any kind is strictly not allowed.
  6. Spamming is strictly not allowed.
  7. Users may not post any of their personal information in comments. Such details will be removed. bbspy and its staff can not be held accountable for any situations that may arise should you do this.
  8. Users are strictly forbidden from accusing other users of breaking our rules in their comments. This includes (but is not limited to) hinting that you believe another user is posting under multiple aliases. If you believe a comment has broken our rules, please instead report it to us using the method outlined below.
  9. All comments are posted in accordance with the bbspy Privacy Policy.

In addition, by commenting you grant us an unconditional license and/or permission to use your comment(s) as we see fit.

bbspy assumes no responsibility or liability for comments left by users. Any opinions expressed in comments are solely those of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views of bbspy or its staff members.

Reporting and Removal of Comments

Comments which break the above rules, or contain other content which our staff deem to be inappropriate, will be edited or removed. Frequent offenders may be ‘put on moderation’ – i.e. have their comments checked before the appear on the site – or blocked from using our comment areas.

If you see comment(s) on bbspy that you find offensive or believe to break our rules, you can report them to our staff by clicking the red exclamation mark button on the offending comment. A moderator will review the comment and determine an appropriate course of action.

Please note that although we do our utmost to edit or remove inappropriate comments as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee a time frame in which this will happen.

bbspy reserves the right to update the commenting rules at any time without prior notice.

Why isn’t my comment appearing on the site?

bbspy has filters in place to detect spam comments and prevent them appearing in our comment sections. Even if you are in good standing with us – i.e. you haven’t been put on moderation or blocked – it is possible that comments you leave will be caught by our spam filters. For instance, although we allow users to share relevant links, comments which contain excessive amounts of links will be automatically marked as spam.

We check for these comments regularly and will approve any comments that have been mistakenly marked as spam for display on the site as soon as possible.

Page last updated: Monday 22nd September 2014