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Big Brother FAQs

How can I audition for Big Brother?
Auditions for Big Brother 2017 are now open – and this year, hopefuls can only apply in pairs. For more information, click here

Why is there no 24-hour live feed for Big Brother anymore?
Despite Channel 5’s sister media properties promising live feed would return for the broadcaster’s revival in Big Brother, bosses decided to axe it in favour of short form video clips and mobile apps. If you are angered or disappointed by this decision, we encourage you to complain to Channel 5 by contacting them or commenting on the show’s official Facebook page.

How can I get audience tickets for Big Brother shows?
Audience tickets for Big Brother launch, eviction and final shows are available for free from Applause Store – click here to visit their website. To apply for Bit On The Side audience tickets, email [email protected]

I have a complaint about the Big Brother programme
bbspy is an unofficial Big Brother website and therefore we cannot act on complaints about the content of the show. For this reason, we do not generally respond to such complaints. Instead, we advise you to contact Channel 5 Viewer Enquiries

bbspy FAQs

Is bbspy the official Big Brother website?
No, bbspy is an unofficial fansite. The official Big Brother website can be found at

How do I access bbspy’s mobile website?
A mobile-friendly version of bbspy will appear on devices with a display width of 670 pixels or less (1340 pixels or less for devices with retina displays). You can switch between the mobile and desktop layouts using the link in the footer. Please note bbspy’s mobile layout is currently only available temporarily for public beta testing.

What are bbspy’s official social media profiles?
Links to all of bbspy’s actively maintained social media profiles can be found in the footer.

Why isn’t my comment appearing on bbspy?
Please see our comment rules page for a full explanation of our comment filters.

Can I advertise on bbspy?
Please email us directly at inbox (at) to discuss advertising.