Isabelle in danger as Big Brother 2017 reveals early voting results

Bosses announce progress update for first time ever as fourth eviction looms
12 comments - Posted on June 27 2017 at 11:48pm

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Isabelle Warburton

Isabelle Warburton is in danger of being evicted from Big Brother 2017 on Thursday, it has emerged, after the results of the public vote so far were revealed tonight in a first for the show.

On Sunday, following Lotan’s ejection, it was announced that this week’s nominations had been voided and all housemates would face eviction – with a vote to evict opening late on Monday.

Now, for the first time ever, bosses have taken the unexpected step of revealing a progress update while the vote is still ongoing.

A vote count was taken earlier tonight, before the latest highlights episode, and presenter Rylan Clark-Neal read out the stats on spin-off Bit On The Side.

Big Brother 2017 housemates

It was revealed that Isabelle – who only arrived in the house last week – is currently in the lead, with 35.62% of the vote. She is almost 23% ahead of her nearest rival, Hannah, who is second at 13.01%.

Also in the danger zone are fellow latecomer Savannah, at 12.97%, and former People’s Housemate Tom, at 11.93%.

At the other end of the scale, Raph and Kieran appear to be the safest housemates, with 0.94% and 0.76% of the vote respectively.

It is not clear exactly when the count took place, as BOTS is now pre-recorded in the early evenings on non-eviction nights. The results have not been revealed to the housemates.

Big Brother 2017 - new housemate Isabelle Warburton

This week’s eviction is the first of the series to involve a vote to evict. Despite the official website stating that viewers will always be voting to evict “unless otherwise directed”, all previous polls have been votes to save.

Since Big Brother moved to Channel 5 in 2011, voting results have traditionally been kept a secret. The only series the broadcaster has released a full list of details for is the thirteenth ‘civilian’ run from 2012.

The full list of results shown on tonight’s Bit On The Side was as follows:

  • Isabelle – 35.62%
  • Hannah – 13.01%
  • Savannah – 12.97%
  • Tom – 11.93%
  • Ellie – 8.32%
  • Chanelle – 6.78%
  • Joe – 3.68%
  • Deborah – 3.15%
  • Charlotte – 2.83%
  • Raph – 0.94%
  • Kieran – 0.76%

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12 comments on this article

  1. Bob says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    Let’s hope this stays like this until the eviction.
    I not sure why Ellie has 8% of the vote, she is one of the only people I actually want to win this series.

  2. anonymous91 says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    Charlotte, Kieran and Raph are all safe for next week

    and i can see Kieran and Charlotte easily make the final now :heart: :heart: :heart:

  3. Pablo says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    Why is Isabelle so high up?! I love her :envy:

    • anonymous91 says:
      Wed 28 Jun !

      cause many other people don’t like her

    • Bob says:
      Thu 29 Jun !

      I know, its hard to believe that other people think differently than anyone else, who’d have thought :tongue:

  4. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    I don’t mind her myself. Would prefer someone else to go but not bothered either way.

  5. Mike New says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    Surprise, surprise. As if we didn’t see that one coming. Trying to keep Isabelle in smells of a conspiracy to me.
    I will admit she is my favorite :wink:

  6. Hannah says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    Mike I think you’ve got it the wrong way round this is vote to evict NOT stay, so Isabelle has the most votes means she is most likely to leave …

  7. Oxfords says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    Why do the public want to evict probably one of the most level HM in there.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t a double eviction tonight, the two I would evict are Keiran and Tom, they both are just guilty of the ruckass that saw Lotan thrown out.
    It’s a bit of stale BB this year, probably the new HM’s will inject some life into proceedings, certainly Ellie will be excited by the new man, he did say he fancied her!!

    • Bob says:
      Thu 29 Jun !

      As above, maybe they don’t think she is level headed and just not a very nice person.
      You wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t a double eviction? I wouldn’t be surprised either as it’s normally not a double eviction, just a single eviction.

  8. Hannah says:
    Thu 29 Jun Reply !

    Chanelle and Hannah are my least favourites, they seem to be at the core of every dispute. Even when they are both pretending to be nice there is a simmering animosity. Hannah did better than she normally does by opting to take to her bed but all this “I’m miss Nigeria ” crap is very irritating.
    And Chanelle just has no class whatsoever, she’s filthy both verbally physically vocally and mentally.
    I think the crux of the problem is that both Chanelle and hannah wanted to use BB to “springboard” their delusions of a career in the entertainment industry, both want to be singers,…….
    Both have mediocre voices and sod all credibility.
    And I’m sorry if this offends anyone and I promise I normally find accents enjoyable and interesting but Chanelles speaking voice is driving me mad 😡
    She’s got that much Botox and shit pumped into her face that it’s distorting her speech, she looks like she’s wearing one of those ventriloquist masks that Keith Lemon 🍋 is fond of.
    Andvto top it all, dis you see her face when BB was explaining the ‘powers’ that the newbies have got ????
    She didn’t understand…..neither did Ellie for that matter, they don’t have the intelligence.
    Hopefully Chanelle and Hannah will go in double eviction next time .

    • Bob says:
      Fri 30 Jun !

      I agree with you on Chantelle and Hannah but you crossed a line with you talked about Ellie :heart:

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