Exclusive: Imran and Sukhvinder dish the dirt on Big Brother 2017!

bbspy gets their take on Kayleigh's ejection, the 'clique', and Z-list housemates
2 comments - Posted on June 22 2017 at 05:30pm

Big Brother 2017 housemates - Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed

After their shock double exit stunned the Big Brother 2017 house, bbspy has found out exactly what Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed think about their reality star housemates, the ‘clique’ and Kayleigh getting removed in an exclusive interview!

Friday night saw one of the most dramatic moments in Big Brother history when Imran was voted out by the public in the second eviction – and, not willing to stick around without her husband, Sukhvinder quit the show live on air and legged it out the front door with him!

While in the house, they were at the centre of the action. Whether it was an argument about whether Earth is flat, or suffocation with a bread bag, their names were constantly on the lips of the other housemates – and the viewers.

Almost a week after they returned to the outside world, bbspy has caught up with Sukhvinder to find out more about her surprise departure, and what she and Imran really thought about their fellow contestants.

Big Brother 2017 - second evictee Imran Javeed joined by wife Sukhvinder as she walks out of the house

Hello Sukhvinder! You and Imran may only have lasted two weeks on Big Brother, but your exit was one of the most memorable ever. Had you always planned to leave together, and if so, why didn’t you want to stay in the house individually?
We certainly came to win, an early departure was not on the agenda. When Imran’s name was called on eviction night it was as if they’d called us both to leave. We earnt our place on the biggest reality platform, we brought real to the show and for Imran to go before some repugnant, selfish and manufactured humans was unjust.

Were you surprised that Big Brother didn’t even try to stop your double exit?
Love conquers all… completely surprised! We believe that Big Brother was so shocked too, everyone was in tears! It all happened so fast, everyone was caught in the moment of magic – love is the greatest magic there is.

As Imran mentioned during your interview with Emma Willis, you’re both new to the world of TV. How did you adjust to life in front of the cameras, and what did you make of your Big Brother experience?
The experience has genuinely been amazing! To be given such a huge platform makes us extremely grateful.

Big Brother 2017 - second evictee Imran Javeed joined by wife Sukhvinder as she walks out of the house

Being new to the world of TV definitely allowed us to stay real. You do forget that you’re being filmed 24 hours a day, yet there were moments when we saw people acting so stupid for airtime  -we would remember there were cameras and be like, ‘What the actual f**k is going on?’. People certainly knew when to put a performance on.

It’s certainly been a journey, one we are still on and the support on the outside has been overwhelming!

You revealed that you were initially due to enter as one housemate, but eventually got split up. Do you think you’d still be in the house if you’d been playing as one?
100 billion% we would still be in there if they’d left us as one housemate!

Sukhvinder, yours hasn’t been the only unexpected exit of the series. Were you shocked by Arthur’s sudden departure, and why did you think he left?
That’s because I’m #IconicSukhy! Arthur is a great human being. People in the house took him to a sad memory I think, he left to marry the woman of his dreams, because that was going to make Arthur happier than some of those vile humans in that house would ever have.

Big Brother 2017 - Arthur Fulford in the Diary Room

Imran’s advice to Arthur moments before he left was, ‘Go and marry her now Arthur’… see, love is the greatest magic!

Kayleigh was then removed from the house on Saturday. What did you make of the argument and Diary Room rant that led to her ejection?
If the right thing for her had happened on Friday night’s eviction, she would have left with a bit of decorum. Her true colours came out, we knew it was only a matter of time, that’s why we kept our distance.

Who would you both have nominated this week and why?
We would have nominated Lotan – he thinks it’s his house and is running rings around them, knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s not nice. Also Ellie – she’s lost in the shadow of Lotan and she doesn’t do anything.

There’s a clear divide in the house now, with Chanelle, Raph, Deborah and Hannah seen as the ‘outsiders’. In the long term, how do you think they’ll do against the so-called ‘clique’?
The clique is bigger, so if they don’t like it then they need to stand up and be more vocal about it and what they actually stand for. Let’s get one thing right, Chanelle is part of the clique too, her game play is tight.

Big Brother 2017 week three nominations - Chanelle, Hannah, Joe, Rebecca

Chanelle, Rebecca, Hannah and Joe are facing this week’s eviction – who do you want to go?
We would like Chanelle or Rebecca to go, they are not showing what they are really about.

On Friday’s Bit On The Side you joked that Imran may have been evicted because he didn’t have an agent. At least seven of the people who have entered the house this year have previously appeared on other major reality shows. Is Big Brother casting too many media-savvy housemates, and what are they like to live with?
We believe they certainly cast one too many, the ratio was off and the balance favoured the Z-Listers. They were awful, awful, awful to live with! Oh, the conversations were like chewing cardboard on a hot day!

If you were Big Brother, what would you do to shake up the house?
I think me just being in there had people shook up! We would continue to be us, we would let the clique know that we are actually the clique. That may be too intelligent for them to understand?

Big Brother 2017 live launch - Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed

We would totally need something to happen with Kieran and the new housemate just to see if Rebecca had the guts to tell him how she really feels! And maybe we would just make amazing meals for the two of us and let the others watch.

Finally, if you could go back in, would you do anything differently?
It’s been an amazing journey, we would have loved to have stayed longer. We stayed true to who we are and that makes the journey even better.

You can follow Sukhvinder on Twitter @SukhyJaveed, and her and Imran’s joint account @TheJaveeds!

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5, and on 3e in Ireland

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  1. Tina says:
    Fri 23 Jun Reply !

    : :down: disgusted valued the game so much she quit and walked out the door rather then play the game and face any heat without him. Two older adults that took two spots from fans that would have stayed and played the game. Two adults that just showed everyone when things don’t go your way you quit. They say celebs or others act entitled or stick hello pot me kettle. Two arrogant and one spoiled angry chick very classy. Oh and being ugly nasty and mean on national tv doesn’t make you cool it makes you losers. From a disgusted older fan

  2. MikeDublin says:
    Fri 23 Jun Reply !

    One word: Delusional

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