About Sue

“I’m the big boss, the alpha female”

Sue lives with two of her children, Imani and Rachel, and describes herself as the head of the family. She is known for her straight talking attitude and strong opinions; she describes herself as ‘tough and nuts’.

Sue returned to university at the age of 42 to study media: “I was the oldest person in my class.”

She is single at the moment: “Men totally get on my nerves and they don’t live up to my expectations.”

Why Big Brother? “Going into the house, as myself, is an experience of a lifetime and would be a dream come true for me.”

39 comments on Sue

  1. Daniel Penhaligon says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    Bob go play with your lego! Or is that your real profile picture! Ive noticed u never say anything about housemates. Is your life that bad you have to go on this just to get noticed! Bob you have been evicted from bbspy goodbye!!!

    • Bob says:
      Sat 15 Jul !

      Well done Daniel. You nearly constructed a sentence, good job :up:

  2. Hannah says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    Yawn yawn ………..
    Sorry Daniel were saying something??
    Was interesting???
    I must have dozed off…
    Have you had that ability all of your life ?
    ( as in the effect of sending people to sleep!) … or is it a recent thing you have discovered ?

    …..Oh, don’t worry about about replying, your posts don’t make sense, which one can automatically attribute to you being
    a) a Cupid stunt
    b) illiterate
    c) a combination of the two

    ……you decide – haha 😂
    Sweet dreams Dneiel Phaenhalign !

    • Bob says:
      Sat 15 Jul !

      I voted for C :happy:

  3. Hannah says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    Oops 🙊 I meant Daniel Penhaligone

  4. Hannah says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    Daniel just for future reference …,
    Shut up – it’s actually two words sweetie, now write that down ten times until you know by heart ❤️ darling, never let it not be said that every day is learning curve !

  5. MikeDublin says:
    Sat 15 Jul Reply !

    Gone but forgotten

  6. jack stuart says:
    Sun 30 Jul Reply !

    love her :heart:

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