Exclusive: Big Brother’s Hurricane Sue rips through the housemates

Second Chancer dishes on Andrew, Chanelle, Ellie and more in our interview!
- Posted on July 24 2017 at 05:30pm

Big Brother 2017 - Sue Evans evicted

The storm may have cleared over the Big Brother 2017 house, but ‘Hurricane’ Sue Evans has now hit bbspy – tearing in to her fellow housemates and discussing the Second Chance twist in an exclusive interview!

She may have come third in the launch night vote for the People’s Housemate, but Sue’s promise to “stir, cook and serve” meant she wasn’t quickly forgotten.

In fact, fans on Twitter soon began campaigning for #JusticeForHurricaneSue, and they got their wish on Day 25, when a contestant exodus prompted Big Brother to bring her back as one of the ‘Second Chance’ housemates.

The BB superfan soon lived up to her nickname, proving a divisive figure in the house. That ultimately triggered her downfall during The Hunt, when the housemates had the power to evict – and only Charlotte voted to keep her.

Now, in an exclusive chat, Sue has told bbspy what she really thinks of the housemates, whether she’d have taken the £18,900 prize during The Steal – and how the house could have been even stormier if her daughter, Tsunami Imani, had also made it in…


You missed out on becoming the People’s Housemate on launch night. If you’d been a viewer, which of your three rivals would you have voted for?
I would have picked Simone because Tom is a characterless, shallow DWEEB who never ever lived up to ‘The Peoples Housemate’ and Andrew is a SLIPPERY snake who as always waiting to pounce at the first opportunity.

Big Brother brought you back as a Second Chance housemate. Did you know you wouldn’t be eligible to win the show before you entered – and what did you make of the twist that you’d be playing a separate game for £15,000?
We didn’t know that we couldn’t win until 15 minutes before, and we didn’t know about the £15,000 until we entered the house. I’ll ALWAYS believe, though, that we are ALL winners regardless of who gets the cash.

After a relatively quiet start, Hurricane Sue was finally unleashed when you argued with Tom about gameplaying. As a Big Brother fan, does it frustrate you that gameplaying is seen as such a bad thing?
It is diabolical to deny that Big Brother is a game, and now, isn’t it interesting that for the past week, since I have been gone, they are ALL calling it a game. I was right all along, they are HIPPOS! (Short for hippo-crite!)

You also called out Sam on his and Ellie’s “showmance s**t”. How did you find living alongside a relationship that you believed to be fake?
It was pathetic personified. All you could see all day and half the night was KISSY KISSY, DRUNKY DRUNKY and TEARS. It was sooooooooo boring, and sad to see what Ellie does to herself. First Lotan then Sam… if he left and Barry came in she would do it all over again.

Having watched this series before your arrival, and had plenty to say about it on your Twitter page, did you change your mind about any of the housemates after getting to know them in the house?
Yes… Charlotte has BRAINS, Joe has BALLS (and possibly T*TS when he is dressing up as Joanne). The reason why Hannah is so unhappy all the time is because she is the house skivvy, working in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, serving etc. most of the day… it’s her choice so she needs to shut up and get on with it!

Who were your favourite housemates, and who annoyed you the most?
My favourites will always be the ones who can actually have intelligent conversations. That would be Simone, Charlotte, Raph and Kieran.

Big Brother 2017 - Second Chance housemates Andrew, Sam, Simone and Sue

The most annoying has to be Chanelle. She is abominable to me. Her whole entire existence revolves around herself, mens’ body parts and her t*ts, a*se and f**ny. I have never seen anything like it in my whole life.

Eventually you were evicted when all the housemates except Charlotte voted to keep Chanelle over you during The Hunt. Had you been against the other nominees, Simone and Isabelle, do you think you would still have gone?
If I was against Issy I would have gone… if I was against Simone, they would have tried to boot us both out. They hated our very presence in that house and they despised us both pretty equally. I think the only edge I have over Simone is the fact that I am NOT a prankster!

Andrew has just won £18,900 by evicting Sam in The Steal. Assuming the twist had happened while you were in the house, would you have taken the money – and if so, who would you have evicted?
I would definitely have grabbed the cash, and I would have evicted Andrew, because we made a pact that we would NEVER turn against each other and he BROKE it by turning on Simone first, then me, then Sam.

Big Brother 2017 - Sue Evans

With just days to go until the final, who do you reckon will win the series?
I think the golden girl Issy will win, but I would LOVE to see Raph or Deborah win it instead. Issy comes over all innocent, but she is a viper like her bedmate Chanelle and she has fooled everyone.

You originally auditioned for Big Brother with your daughter Imani as part of the ‘pairs’ twist, but she was later cut from the line-up. How do you think your BB experience would have differed if she had been there?
If Imani was there she would have took down Chanelle immediately, and everyone else would have been trembling in their boots, they had a lucky escape. As a duo we would have been the BEST duo ever. Hurricane Sue and Tsunami Imani would have created the most EXPLOSIVE series yet, but hopefully the world will get to see that soon!

What surprised you most about the Big Brother experience?
The filth! It was so disgusting. There was crusty knickers and skidmarked pants everywhere. I cannot understand how adults can behave in this way. The main culprit was Ellie, her mother must be so ashamed.

You’ve no doubt heard that Big Brother has had its lowest ever ratings this summer. What should the producers do to win viewers back?
Put me and Imani in for the last week… if we went in together as a massive twist they would see an epic rise in the viewer numbers. There is NO duo like us. There are wannabe duos like Mandy and Charlotte, but we are the real deal.

Finally, there was a Twitter campaign to get you back in the house before the Second Chance twist – do you have a message for your loyal fans?!
I will be eternally grateful to my fans. I am in awe of them and I tell them that all the time. It is so amazing that they get me and understand that I am coming from a good place every time I give my advice or opinion. I love them all my fans and I am so nice I, even love the haters!

  • Follow Sue on Twitter @MaddSusan for more of her candid thoughts on Big Brother! Imani is also on Twitter – @MaddImani

Big Brother is on Channel 5 and 3e nightly until the grand final, this Friday at 9.00pm

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