Charlotte, Joe, Tom in danger after Big Brother nominations twist

Three face eviction after housemates had chance to talk gameplay in The Void
25 comments - Posted on July 3 2017 at 10:16am

Big Brother 2017 week five nominations - Charlotte, Joe, Tom

Charlotte Keys, Joe Quaranta and Tom Barber are facing the fifth Big Brother 2017 eviction after a twist saw housemates get to discuss nominations in a room known as ‘The Void’.

When the new ‘Second Chance’ housemates arrived on Friday night, Big Brother announced that only they would be guaranteed the right to nominate this week – with the existing group having to earn it in a series of tasks.

A glass cube was then erected in the garden, known as ‘The Void’ – in which the rules banning the discussion and influencing of nominations did not apply.

As well as earning the right to nominate, the winner of each challenge could take one regular housemate and one Second Chancer in to The Void for a short discussion to help them decide who to target.

Eventually, Hannah, Deborah, Raph and Ellie won the tasks, and yesterday they joined Andrew, Sam, Simone and Sue in casting their votes. As new housemates, the latter four were immune from being nominated.

Later, Big Brother gathered everyone and announced that Charlotte, Joe and Tom would face this week’s public vote.

Tune in to tonight’s episode at 10.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e to see how the nominations played out.

Who do you want to be evicted this week? Vote in our poll below:

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25 comments on this article

  1. anonymous91 says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Tom or Joe i wouldn’t miss on the show

    Charlotte well although she’s invisible, being invisible might help in a VTE

  2. Hannah says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Just read about the Stephanie/ Jez debacle – she’s been arrrating for gbh against Jeremy, so won’t be appearing on BBOTS tonight.
    But what’s more worrying is how these two Z listers have become idols and people to aspire to be like ! It’s absolutely dreadful, that poor little child that has these two arse holes as parents ……what chance has he got ?
    To be honest BB needs to stop plying everyone with alcohol and get back to the original social experiment theory of BB …………. but I don’t think it will happen because the era of the selfie brings in the cash 💰!
    But I can see Sam and Ellie going down the same route as Steph/jez.
    It’s not good .
    They shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce until they’ve passed a skills test ! – lol

  3. Chris says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    How about keep your vile comments to yourself. Who’s to say you or any other human being on the planet should have to take a skills test to procreate. The world is in a mess because of vile creatures like yourself talk uneducated and have such ridiculous views on other people’s lives. You absolute cretin!!!!! :down: :down: :down:

    • Bob says:
      Tue 04 Jul !

      What irony in your comment :cry:

  4. Hannah says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Sorry Chris but I beg to differ ……
    The world is in a mess because too many Stephanie’s and Jeremy’s have too many bloody children that they can’t adequately care for or parent.
    Therefore we are over populated!
    You do the sums
    And you look at the statistics……
    If you can’t be a good parent then you should take precautions….
    What chance do these ooor kids have ??

  5. Hannah says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Also Chris I really shouldn’t need to point out that name calling is actually rather tedious and you should leave it to the housemates.
    Obviously you are far better educated than me so I’m surprised that it’s necessary to remind you 😁

  6. Hannah says:
    Tue 04 Jul Reply !

    Jez McConnell spotted fleeing the country with battered face just hours after Steph Davis is arrested – The Sun

    Now Chris if you you seriously believe that this sets a good example to children then I really give up !

  7. Anonymous says:
    Tue 04 Jul Reply !

    Joe’s a grumpy old man. Get him out.

    • Bob says:
      Tue 04 Jul !

      I’m a grumpy old man, get me out!

    • anonymous91 says:
      Tue 04 Jul !

      i agree, make sure you vote enough to evict that sneaky immature snake

      he blamed Raph for him being nominated

      and Joe & Tom have been the least popular housemates on many forums for a while now, get one of them out

  8. poemgate says:
    Tue 04 Jul Reply !

    natural haven or shaven ? you decide naughty poll 04.07.17

    great to see communication
    its getting very political
    onto the environment and deforestation
    the sarcasm is meant to be cynical.
    ellie really did sink
    the face drop from joe was the term
    hand over to cover the blink
    even from the minge flying was s?erm.
    charlotte did not like preserving
    out of control was the bush
    shaving when out will be self deserving
    with no mic who will say shush.
    a plat was recommended
    tom and ellie were discovering
    isabelle and her pad had laughter descended
    the anatomy talk and squatting was smothering.
    onto the last shocker
    this is from one who does not not masturbate
    we all no deborah has allot of jarvis corker
    not one piercing but more all add to the penetrate.

  9. Hannah says:
    Tue 04 Jul Reply !

    Well back in the good old days of big brother I think the hirsute individuals would have won your poll Poemgate, but in these austere times I’m guessing the shaven fans will win it by a whisker!

  10. Hannah says:
    Tue 04 Jul Reply !

    Bob you should stay, at least your a witty grumpy old man ! 😁

  11. Anonymous says:
    Wed 05 Jul Reply !

    Joe is so nasty, grumpy, and foul mouthed. Everytime I see him. I want to punch his face.

    • Bob says:
      Wed 05 Jul !

      I’d imagine he’d feel the same way about you after reading that comment.

  12. anonymous91 says:
    Wed 05 Jul Reply !

    after last night i can only think of Joe being evicted this week, with a slight chance of Tom going

    so if you want to save Joe, Evict Tom

    and if you want to save Tom, Evict Joe

    cause the only i can think of being safe is Charlotte, being boring really helps with VTE

  13. Hannah says:
    Wed 05 Jul Reply !

    If your still posting and reading Chris then this really just proves the point I was trying to make.
    Yet again these two scumbags fight each other cause distress to others waste police time and taxpayers money….
    That’s YOUR money and my money Chris, she was drinking all day in the pub before she was due to be a guest on bots so not only is drinking and fighting ( he looks as bruised as her but she’s decided to get paid by the sun to show her bruises) but she’s PREGNANT AGAIN!!
    They are awful these two,
    Now that their 15 mins of fame is waning they’ll end up on Channel 5’s celebrity benefits street., because they are unemployable……
    So they will ponce from the state and keep reproducing poor innocent kids that deserve better!
    So yes she should be bloody sterilised I’m sick of paying for the likes of her !

    Shocking pictures show the full extent of pregnant Stephanie Davis’ injuries from hotel room fight with Jeremy McConnell – The Sun

  14. poemgate says:
    Thu 06 Jul Reply !

    not sure who I want gone now ?

    electric village not avenue – eddie grant ? ( anyone remember this tune ? link provided ) 06.07.17

    in me was it bondage
    a bit of sadomasochism
    not exactly sure of the wattage
    floating my chair is realism.
    thank you big brother
    in my words are authenticity
    this is why i’m a secret village lover
    pen to paper is my electricity.
    such a great shock
    wednesdays show was glowing
    with prices rising why not up stock
    the board would be no wiser to knowing.
    this is not going to peak
    big brother and my village can’t
    to the www. is where i leak
    its the only suitable place for eddie grant.

    • anonymous91 says:
      Thu 06 Jul !

      great poem :heart:

      but after last night’s show Joe should go, another bad edit for him, that makes it already 3 bad edits in a row for him

  15. poemgate says:
    Thu 06 Jul Reply !

    not see tonight’s show yet – his luck has got to change – maybe tonight its someone else’s turn ?

    • anonymous91 says:
      Fri 07 Jul !

      Tom had a bad edit, a fight against Sue

      Charlotte tried to calm Tom down, he was really out of control

  16. poemgate says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    remind me who charlotte is again lol :down:

    play the game 07.07.17

    in a little village
    where i have never stood
    scenes were pure vintage
    now moving to borhanwood.
    everyone was confused
    even if one was on her own
    it left me so amused
    a one person party was simone.
    tom was on his horse
    while kieran was trying not to irrupt
    not realizing it was a fishing course
    illegal poaching in BB is not corrupt.
    allot of steam
    like on the tube and approaching a train
    a great shake up was all gleam
    100% backing the hurricane.
    like village posting
    it will of course turn most green
    playing the game on thursday was toasting
    BB i strongly recommend “the game” track 1 by Queen.

  17. Oxford says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    ‘Twas on a Friday night
    No nine o’clock eviction, such a fright
    Best of Bad TV, instead of live Big Bro
    What should I do, where should I go
    Waiting for the eviction of Tom, Charlotte or Joe
    Ten o’clock comes around
    Anticipation abound
    But hey at ten on this and many a site
    The evictee’s name in black and white
    Why not live, why second hand
    Spoilt entertainment for the Big Bro Band
    Please never again
    No more TV pain
    A recording of the housemates’ plight
    ‘Twas on a Friday night.

    • anonymous91 says:
      Fri 07 Jul !

      i think Joe has the best chance of being evicted now

      Charlotte is definitely the safest

  18. poemgate says:
    Fri 07 Jul Reply !

    1130pm and I can not believe I have not heard who went – off to watch show now – great poem oxford. :heart:

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