About Mandy

“Why be underdressed when you can be overdressed?”

Mandy claims to have an ‘inseparable’ mother/daughter relationship with her daughter Charlotte, who is also a housemate.

Mandy thinks she has a better sex life than her daughter.

She wants to find love in the house with ‘someone of a similar age, a bit of money and a man that hasn’t dated a lot of young women’.

Why Big Brother? “When you get to my age, life feels dull. I am still 21 in my head and I need stimulation. I need something stronger than coffee – Big Brother is that.”

3 comments on Mandy

  1. connie says:
    Fri 09 Jun Reply !

    Seems a bit full of herself.

  2. BB Gra says:
    Sun 11 Jun Reply !

    :down: Thanks to the ‘people’s choice’ we’ve lost an intelligent entertaining housemate! Tom should have stayed with the Welsh sheep.

  3. jack stuart says:
    Sun 30 Jul Reply !

    She could of won

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