Exclusive: Big Brother 2017’s Charlotte on her back door eviction

Estate agent also talks Mandy's eviction, Chanelle and voting out Hannah
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Big Brother 2017 - Charlotte Keys

In our latest exclusive Big Brother 2017 interview, Charlotte Keys gives bbspy her take on her mum Mandy’s eviction, her fellow housemates – and why back door evictions aren’t all that bad!

Charlotte and Mandy arrived in Britain’s most famous house on launch night in June as one of four duos residing in the United Kingdom of Big Brother.

It was only days later that viewer-chosen ‘People’s Housemate’ Tom chose to split them up by evicting Mandy – with Charlotte subsequently fading in to the background (at least as far as the highlights shows were concerned).

The estate agent was given a new lease on BB life when Mandy returned briefly during a shopping task, and she went on to confront Chanelle and clash with Hannah, having voted the latter out in the fake eviction twist.

However, she soon got to experience a back door eviction of her own when viewers handed her an ‘F’ grade in the back-to-school task.

We heard from Charlotte ahead of last week’s final – here is out exclusive interview about her BB experience!

Big Brother 2017 live launch - Charlotte Keys and Mandy Longworth

You began Big Brother alongside your mother, Mandy – but she was evicted on Day 4 by Tom, who said “maybe people would think there’s more” to you if your mum wasn’t there. Did you feel this was a fair reason for his decision?
In all honesty I thought it was a very weak reason, because regardless of my mum being there or not, I would have been exactly the same – in fact if she hadn’t have gone so early, I wouldn’t have felt as miserable in the following week after her departure. The reason why he thought I was quieter is because when I first walked into the house I hadn’t met one person with similar characteristics to myself, and yet I felt a lot of the other housemates were rather ‘panto’ straight off the bat to be noticed.

On TV, you came across as one of the quieter, less prominent housemates of the series. Did you take a laid back approach to Big Brother, or do you feel you may have been misrepresented?
I am a naturally quieter character to a lot of the housemates, which I take pride in. I love interacting with new people, but sadly you will not see me shouting for no reason. With regards to humour, I am very dry which means you have to keep a straight face and deliver humour in a more quiet manner which was rarely shown. I would never start a screaming match with someone for the sake of it – that’s not my style. I went into the house for the experience, not for airtime.

However, you weren’t completely immune to the drama – in particular, you seemed wary of Chanelle, especially after you saw Mandy again during ‘The Light’ task. What was your issue with her?
The issue we had was an interesting one. Before the conversation with my mum she simply irritated me, once I heard she said something behind my back was when I took offence. I found it ironic that someone so obsessed with people being two-faced in the house was in fact two-faced to me, and when confronted said that she had “owned” what she said. Realistically, if she had “owned” it she would have told me to my face…

Give us your verdicts on the other housemates – who were your favourites, and who annoyed you?
My absolute fave is Andrew, I know we will be friends for a very long time as we had such an instant connection. Ellie I really got on with to the end, but I have heard since being out that she has said some things about me on TV, so I need to have a chat with her.

Kieran and Tom were like brothers. Deborah is an amazing person and I hope to see her on the outside. Rebecca was also great. We all know how I feel about Chanelle and Hannah is still someone I’m working out – we have good days and bad days. Isy is incredibly genuine!

Big Brother 2017 - Charlotte Keys

Is there anything that happened in the house you want to tell us about that you think may not have been shown on TV?
In all honesty, I haven’t seen any of the shows yet other than my eviction, so I have no clue what has or hasn’t been shown. But just so everyone is aware, I had a great group of people in there and we had a cracking time together.

After you voted to evict her in the supposed ‘face-to-face’ eviction, Hannah was angry that you separated her from her sister, having yourself experienced being separated from your mother. In retrospect, would you rather have chosen someone else?
Absolutely not! I never dismissed Tom’s reason for evicting my mum because it was his decision, and who am I to argue with that? Also, my mum was evicted on the first week, so at least Hannah had done almost 90% of the journey with her sister. When I made my decision that night I looked at the people around the settees and decided it based on who I had the best and longstanding relationships with, and sadly she was the bottom of the list.

Big Brother 2017: Charlotte Keys evicted in back to school task

You were evicted through the back door during the school-themed task. Did you not suspect something was up when they called the two nominees to the front of the class for a popularity grade?!
I didn’t think anything about us both being up for eviction, what I found weird was my name being called out for popularity, as that was not something I have ever nor will ever be interested in or strive for, but I thought maybe people had just been voting for the two of us because young girls were potentially voting? As soon as I pulled out the ‘F’ I knew I was getting the back door and I was completely fine with it – I had a great send off.

Recorded back door evictions are now becoming a common occurrence on Big Brother. Are you a fan of this twist, or should Big Brother be cutting back on them?
Throughout the whole series I dreaded a back door, but having gone through one it was actually great! You don’t know that the public are voting at the time so there is no anxiety!

Andrew won £18,900 by evicting Sam in The Steal. If you’d been on the winning team, would you have taken the money – and if so, who would you have evicted?
I would definitely have taken the money – it is a life-changing amount that is some people’s yearly wage – and I would have obviously evicted Chanelle.

Another two housemates were evicted just 48 hours before the final – while Second Chance housemate Andrew stayed to the end despite not being eligible to win. Do you think that’s fair?
Of course it’s fair – we knew as soon as they came in that they weren’t in the same competition, why shouldn’t he stay til the final? He is pure comedy and also we know he is being 100% genuine as there is no need for him to play a game.

What surprised you most about the Big Brother experience?
Sleep deprivation, not being able to take a s**t without knowing someone could be listening to your microphone or look at you in the gallery, and how bad the food is… wow.

Big Brother may now be over – but Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 and 3e tonight at 9.05pm!

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