Tom boots Mandy from Big Brother 2017 in eviction twist

People's Housemate saves Imran as he's told to pick from public's bottom two
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Big Brother 2017 - People's Housemate Tom boots Mandy from the house in eviction twist

Mandy Longworth has become the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2017 after People’s Housemate Tom Barber chose to save Imran Javeed in a twist.

Eight housemates – Arthur, Chanelle, Imran, Lotan, Mandy, Raph, Rebecca and Sukhvinder – faced the axe tonight after they were ‘exiled’ and had their ‘citizenships’ revoked throughout the week by Tom.

Since last night’s episode, viewers had been voting to save their favourites, but a further twist in tonight’s live show saw Tom face a dilemma.

Presenter Emma Willis spoke live to the house to reveal that Imran and Mandy had received the least votes, and Big Brother announced that Tom would make the final decision on which of them would go.

Big Brother 2017 - People's Housemate Tom boots Mandy from the house in eviction twist

Imran pled his case: “I came to try and unite everyone, I am a people’s person.”

However, Mandy threw in the towel with her speech: “It’s pointless to say, his decision’s made, it’s going to be me. But you need a rich mix in this house.”

Tom then confirmed he’d opted to evict Mandy, having suggested that the antiques dealer was holding her daughter and fellow housemate Charlotte back: “Maybe people would think there’s more to her if she wasn’t here.”

Mandy promptly bid farewell to Charlotte, who had burst in to tears, and appeared to blank Tom as she made her way out the house.

Big Brother 2017 - Mandy Longworth first evicted

In her interview with Emma, Mandy admitted she was “infuriated” about her exit and made clear how she feels about Tom. “The People’s Person? Choice? Whatever it is, no, he’s got a gameplan. Definitely,” she reacted.

“I think the power’s gone to his head, there’s an edge to him that’s awful.”

Claiming the Welshman had “for sure” exiled the housemates he felt most threatened by, she continued: “I hoped it was going to be face-to-face nominations this evening, I was going to tell him exactly what I thought.

“Because there’s a lot of youngsters similar, and they’re all sort of pally with each other, he’ll be fine for a while, unfortunately.”

Big Brother 2017 - Mandy Longworth first evicted

Mandy said that Tom “feels threatened by Charlotte and I as a couple” and predicted that her daughter could end up clashing with him.

“He doesn’t fancy Charlotte, she’s a challenge to him. She’s the only one that’s not been pleasant to him, that’s not giving him time of day,” she commented. “She doesn’t laugh at his jokes, she fines him juvenile. He wanted to look better for breaking her, when he won’t.

“When she cracks, she’ll crack, trust me. She’ll tell him what for tonight.”

Mandy further tore in to Tom later in the interview, and even suggested that viewers were wrong to vote her out.

“Tom’s got about three brain cells,” she smirked. “He broke wind, who does that at his age you know? While we’re all sat around the sofas? Toilet humour like that will piss Charlotte off.

“That’s the problem with people’s voting. It is though, isn’t it? It’d be boring if just the dolly birds were left in… and Tom.”

Elsewhere, Mandy said she was “definitely” happy not to be seen as the ‘typical mum housemate’ following the revelation she’d made a sex tape, and added that, other than Charlotte, she’d like Kieran to win.

Big Brother’s second live eviction airs next Friday at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e.

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    Sun 11 Jun Reply !

    She may of added something to the show, we won’t get to see that now. Ahh well.

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