About Lotan

“Wants to challenge the stereotype of strippers”

Lotan’s uncle is Louie Spence, and at the age of 20 he appeared alongside him on Pineapple Dance Studios. He wants to see how he reacts in a controlled environment and admits he’s never not had attention from women.

Lotan is against political parties because he believes their all the same.

The first time people meet Lotan, they think he is arrogant because of the way he looks, but after they meet him they start thinking he is ‘cheeky and charming’.

Why Big Brother? “I want to lay it all bare and put myself through the test in this unique and intense experience.”

8 comments on Lotan

  1. connie says:
    Fri 09 Jun Reply !

    Nice enough lad but he is definitely conceited.

  2. Oxfords says:
    Fri 16 Jun Reply !

    Oh dear, Lotan – odd name, a typical example of the debauched mire society has become, these lads do hen parties and have sex with the “bride” what does this say about the sanctity of marriage pre adultery – a good start!!
    This activity is the NORM, my wife has been invited to these debauched events but has declined, she told me I wouldn’t beleive what goes on, I said to her if she did this, the bloke would be a dead man walking!
    If this chap “Lotan” does this he must have many irate men after his scalp. I remember years ago my mate’s father used to organise striptease nights I always declined going, then it was just and just falatio, that is digusting enough, it used make me feel sick what my described, but that’s me. IMO Lotan is the worst example of society today.

  3. Hannah says:
    Fri 16 Jun Reply !

    And he is 28 not 18, not that age makes it better but generally with age, experience of life plays a part.
    This has all become acceptable behaviour
    And Chantelle urinating in the oool and farting she’s disgusting why oh why do they think the plastic tramp look is attractive?
    You could take at least half a dozen housemates over the last 3 years and they ALL look exactly the same
    Talk about stepford wives
    My niece is 7 and has a better vocabulary and intellect than Kayleigh and Chantelle
    …’s depressing 😧

  4. Mo says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Cannot stand Lotan! He’s such a BULLY and trying to be the head of the “click” – they all suck up to him and can’t stand up to him. SO sick of seeing him walking around half naked – we have LOVE ISLAND already (a much more interesting show this year – hence the ratings) *rolls eyes*.

    He keeps fuelling the divide in the house and he/Tom are always picking on Hannah – all she ever does is defend herself. Plus the whole Ellie situation – he led her on (kissing her on the first night) – now he wants to play victim and come out looking like the nice guy #BoyBye #LotanOutNextWeek

  5. Mike New says:
    Sat 24 Jun Reply !

    A spoilt little boy who does not like it when he doesn’t get his own way IMO.

  6. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    Hahaha wow what a cringe bucket, that display last night was one of the most cringe worthy in BB history.

    Diva leaves for 2 mins and still got the heroes return he desired especially off the Hobbit ( Tom ).

    Embarrassing :down:

  7. Mike New says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    I think someone forgot that BB is in charge of the house.

  8. VJB says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    Good riddance! What a piece of trash!

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