ALL housemates face Big Brother 2017 eviction after Lotan exit

Hannah, Isabelle and Tom had been nominated for the chop before latest drama
25 comments - Posted on June 25 2017 at 07:16pm

Big Brother 2017 housemates

All of the Big Brother 2017 housemates are now facing the fourth eviction, after bosses voided this week’s nominations in the aftermath of Lotan Carter’s removal.

Yesterday, the third round of nominations took place, and it was announced that Hannah, Isabelle, Lotan and Tom would face the public vote.

However, Lotan has since been ejected from the show after a major argument, which became so heated that security entered the house to break it up.

With one of the nominees already out, bosses have now decided to put all of the housemates up for eviction, partly as punishment for the drama.

This afternoon, Big Brother gathered the group to reveal the news, stating: “As a result of his words and actions in the house, and in the Diary Room over the last few days, Lotan will not be returning to the house.

“Big Brother will also speak to certain other housemates about their behaviour.

“As a result of Lotan’s departure and as a result of the actions of several housemates last night, this week’s nominations are now void. Instead, all housemates will face the public vote to evict this week.

“Big Brother urges all housemates to show each other respect and tolerance.”

After three votes to save, the announcement marks the first time this series that bosses will hold a vote to evict – despite the official website stating that viewers will always be voting to evict “unless otherwise directed”.

This week’s live show will again take place on Thursday instead of Friday due to an unexplained schedule change.

The nominations will be shown during tonight’s episode on Channel 5 and 3e, which has been moved to the later time of 10.00pm following Lotan’s exit.

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25 comments on this article

  1. Nicky Clarke says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    I’m glad Lotan was taken out because he had a vile mouth towards women, a bad attitude & serious issues with anger, get Tom & Joe out next, they are both the same.

  2. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    Yes I think he had to go really as he was strongly hinting that he could get violent towards a girl.

  3. Kelogs says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Isabelle was out of order for making a personal comment to Lotan, she was then smirking & pleased with herself when it all kicked off, she is not nice!
    Deborah & Hannah were over the top with their reaction & they charged at Ellie in such an aggressive manner, then accused the others of getting in their face! The behaviour of these girls was far more intimidating than Lotan’s behaviour, in my opinion, it’s a shame he’s been removed

    • Chez says:
      Mon 26 Jun !

      Threatening violence on someone is so much worse than bringing up someone’s family member. Besides all Lotan did tonight was prove Isabelle’s comment was correct.

      Also, Ellie hit Hannah in the face (although most likely by accident) and then shouted at them to hit her and she has to nerve to then play victim.

  4. Hannah says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Agreed …he’s not a nice chap at all but I have to say I was more scared of Hannah and Deborah, they e been chomping st the bit to have a blow out.

    Also can someone explain because to be honest I haven’t watched every episode, I don’t like anyone this year really, so perhaps I’m making the false judgement but as far as I could see all
    Isabella said was “what type of role model does that make you to your son?”
    ….so that’s not bringing his son into it AT ALL, that’s pointing out his weaknesses as a father, … she was totally correct, all this OTT reaction ( much like Joe did towards Rebecca when she suggest he was a bad role model to his daughter) ..,is just a knee jerk reaction because they both – Rebecca and Isabella – hit a raw nerve.
    Both Lotan and Joe reacted with such venom and explosive bitterness it just proves that the girls made a correct and justified observation.
    They probably are shit fathers ergo they are not nice decent men.
    Then this explains their – Lotan and Joes- inherent dislike for women…. because the mothers of their children think they’re poor role models too.
    So basically Isabella was spot on and she just highlighted Lotans misogynistic traits.

  5. ian clarke says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    If it was a double eviction then Isabelle should go for being so disrespectful and then smiling as if she thinks look at what I have started. Then I would like Raft go as he is a slimy 2 faced grass by going to he’s girl friends and telling them what may have been said but then wonders why the girls may want to start an argument.

  6. Oxfords says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Tom should have been removed from the house as well as Lotan, these two caused all the trouble in the incident, that said, Tom should go in this weeks eviction I don’t see any differnece in his behaviour to that of Lotan, if the so called “Dream Boys” company had any respect for their reputation they would sack Lotan, although I do not agree or like their vile business which promotes paid for sexual activity similar to that of a brothel.
    Although some are callling for BB to be taken off air I think it should continue after all that’s what BB is about, rows and confrontation, it did go too far though and some semblence of order needs to folllow and get on with entertainment and tasks, lets see some love and probably more!

  7. Oxfords says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    I have just read that Lotan HAS been dropped by the “Dream Boys” company, the hypocrisy they have written about themselves is staggering, saying “they are a respectable” so called outfit and do not want the likes of Lotan who has shown disrespect to the ladies, RESPECTABLE – when all they running is lewd show at the front of stage and a brothel at the back. What on earth has society come to.

  8. anonymous91 says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Hannah for me, but i think Chanelle and Isabelle are also in danger of being evicted now

    i see Charlotte, Kieran, Joe, Raph safe especially in this VTE

  9. skoochie says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    lotan is a vile person,glad hes been ejected hes a nasty piece of work,i saw right thru him from the beginning tom also get him out so he can go and lick lotan backside somemore omg how is he gonna cope without him,that will leave joe all alone he will be a billy nomates lol,no more than he deserves horrible man.get some fresh meat in big bro,raph to win

    • Bob says:
      Mon 26 Jun !

      If only you were as passionate about your punctuation as you are Big Brother. :cry:

  10. Mrs Clarke says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Isabelle knew how to push Lotan. She is playing a clever game.
    It is natural for any parent to become defensive about their child.
    Isabelle is a nasty individual. She knows that the public love Chanelle & also knows how much Lotan and Chanelle don’t see eye to eye, so she is using Chanelle to get to the finals.
    Hannah and Deborah did go over the top with that reaction. If Deborah’s child was bought in a conversation like that then it wouldn’t be just a few splashes of drink ACCIDENTLY thrown near the sisters .. She would have trampled all over Isabelle.
    Big brother should have removed the sisters and Isabelle from the house too.
    It’s not a fair removal of just Lotan.

  11. Hannah says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Hahha – Bob !
    I think I’ve got a secret a lego crush πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜˜

  12. Hannah says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    I know she’s my name sake but Hannah and Deborah are the biggest problem
    She was literally tell BB full blown lies that
    Ellie had punched her in the face ?!!

    She didn’t even squirm or show any contrition when BB called her out and said they had examined all the footag and she wasn’t even touched.

    They are deluded and possibly quite dangerous BB should remove these two if anyone ! They are making the rest very nervous
    They are unstable and feed off each other with delusional comments of grandeur which is a classic sign of sociopathic behaviour

    • Bob says:
      Wed 28 Jun !


  13. Hannah says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Apologies Bob for my grammar and typos ! X

  14. MDVt72 says:
    Mon 26 Jun Reply !

    Chanelle because she’s had her final warning and been warned again and again. It’s not fair and seems fixed for her to win.

  15. christopher gifford says:
    Tue 27 Jun Reply !

    To be honest think the sisters should be kicked out and isabel to also Chanelle find it so angry that push the button on lotan by bringing up his son think he should be brought back in you can see that one of the sister flew up them stairs to kick off not to see the door load of crap BB fund it a fake that you allow this to happen on national TV think we have enough war going on out side the walls inside your walls what you trying to say it’s OK to fight and get away with it kick the girls out you no we all no its the right way

  16. Oxfords says:
    Tue 27 Jun Reply !

    Chanelle – odd girl, not my favorite, but favorite with Boookies to win the series, I have no favorite, bit I think Raph will be there or there abouts, the petite, attractive Irish girl is IMO in the running. This series of BB has been strange so far, every run is different, and brings up the unexpected. Production has been poor and bereft of exciting ideas to inspire the viewer this year.

  17. Mike New says:
    Tue 27 Jun Reply !

    Absolutely disgusting that they are showing how the housemates are doing before the eviction. It’s almost as though they are trying to fix the result.
    This will be my last BB as so far it’s been a fix from day one when they “rammed” Tom in.

  18. Hannah says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    I thought exactly the same thing – it’s unbelievable they’ve never done that before!
    It’s a desperate attempt to create more votes and increase audience figures!
    Also did you notice when Trisha was clearly praising Ellie for her eloquent rhyming rap Ryland kept insisting that Chanelle was better, twice he did it then we had another ‘peak’ at Chanelle singing and Ellie’s performance was completely over trodden.
    They want Chanelle to win and they are desperate for votes and audiences it’s sickening really.
    Having said all that…….I don’t really care as I don’t like anyone this year infact I haven’t paid to vote since that awful slapped Helen Wood won ( who is no banned from channel 5, how low can you go?)
    It just irritates me when BB or BBOTS clearly pull these stunts πŸ‘Ž

    • Bob says:
      Wed 28 Jun !

      Another one I agree with you on, and it’s not because you have a Lego crush too :heart:

  19. Bob says:
    Wed 28 Jun Reply !

    I sometimes think I’m watching a different programme to others, Ralph is a sneaky guy, Chantelle is a horrible person who thinks this is one big Xfactor audition, Debbie and her sister really think they are peaceful and loving people but they are just far too aggressive and look like they want to beat people up all the time, Isabella is just nasty and I can’t take anyone seriously who has eyebrows like a clown.

  20. Hannah says:
    Wed 05 Jul Reply !

    Haha – clownelbola ? That sounds 😷 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. Hannah says:
    Wed 05 Jul Reply !

    Oops – typo !

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