Isabelle, Savannah chosen as new Big Brother 2017 housemates

Chanelle, Kieran and Lotan decide to sent Sam home after Blind Date-style task
- Posted on June 21 2017 at 11:15pm

Big Brother 2017 - Potential new housemates Isabelle, Sam and Savannah in Blind Date-style task

Isabelle Warburton and Savannah O’Reilly have joined Big Brother 2017 as brand new housemates after a Blind Date-style dating task saw Sam Chaloner sent home by the originals.

Yesterday, Chanelle, Kieran and Lotan were selected to take part in the challenge. In the style of iconic TV show Blind Date, which was revived by Channel 5 last week, they had to sit on one side of a large wall.

On the other side were the newbie candidates, whose aim was to convince the trio to choose them to move in – without revealing their appearances.

Big Brother 2017 - Lotan, Kieran and Chanelle choose between potential new housemates Isabelle, Sam and Savannah in Blind Date-style task

The other housemates did not have a say in the decision, but were able to watch the task unfold on the screen in the lounge.

As soon as Isabelle introduced herself, Kieran recognised her as someone he’d previously hooked up with in Ibiza. When he asked the newbies to reveal their best chat-up lines, he joked: “My favourite is ‘grab your coat, you’ve pulled’, but I don’t really say that, do I now Isabelle?”

She later named him as the housemate she fancied the most, smirking: “But I think he already knows that!”

Big Brother 2017 - new housemate Isabelle Warburton

Meanwhile, Lotan was taken by Savannah’s Irish accent, commenting: “I think you should just speak in general.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll have loads of time to talk!” the singer teased.

The candidates were also asked who they thought they would clash with. Hannah and Deborah proved a popular choice, with Isabelle calling them “quite short-tempered” and Sam branding them “very opinionated” – but Savannah plumped for Joe: “He gives a lot of opinions, but doesn’t listen to other people.”

Big Brother 2017 - new housemate Savannah O'Reilly

After three-on-one chats, it was time for Chanelle, Kieran and Lotan to make up their minds. “I would really like to have a lad in the house, but I think he’s full of s**t,” Lotan claimed about Sam.

Chanelle suggested they should pick a girl and a boy, calling Savannah “dead outgoing, up for fun” – but questioned Isabelle, saying she’d be “pissed off” if they brought in a “gobby little f**k”.

Kieran stuck up for his former fling, saying: “She’s very flirty, she’s a bit of a nightmare pissed, she’ll definitely be in the hot tub a lot.”

Eventually, Chanelle confirmed they’d chosen Isabelle and Savannah to join the house. This meant Sam lost out, and he promptly left the house.

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