About Joe

“Who loves the party lifestyle”

Joe left school at the age of 14. He is from Italian heritage and grew up with a big family in South London.

Joe’s girlfriend is 26 years his junior. He enjoys living a glamorous lifestyle and travels all over the world enjoying the finer things in life.

Why Big Brother?
“I want to do Big Brother to show that the oldies can do well too – bring it on!”

7 comments on Joe

  1. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 11 Jun Reply !

    Acted tough on his entrance – I said he’d be crying within a week. I was right.

  2. Hannah says:
    Mon 12 Jun Reply !

    I just can’t take to him
    He is a a bald Chelsea Singh appalling 😧

  3. JillianVP says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    I just can’t warm to him. He’s made several comments about ‘playing the game’, how this person or that knows how to, but seems to me HE knows all about it. He spots Arthur being mischievous and having fun, next thing you know he’s blowing up at him. Then he’s talking down to him trying to put him in his place. When that fails, he explodes and tells him to never speak to him again and he’d do the same. Next thing you know, he’s trying to have a heart-to-heart and mend fences.

    ALL of it, in my opinion, was just his attempt to guarantee airtime. Now he’s targeting Raph and I’m praying he doesn’t make HIM feel miserable enough to want to quit, too.

  4. jack jones says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Joe is just another foul mouthed old
    shitbag trying to act tough against
    younger a quarter of his own age.
    Please remove this twat because he
    is literally ruining your program with
    his ugly smug face and horrible,
    outdated opinions and attitudes.

  5. Northernmonkey says:
    Thu 22 Jun Reply !

    The Crystal maze is missing it’s presenter so kindly get lost.

  6. Oxford says:
    Fri 23 Jun Reply !

    Joe was so devistated not being evicted last night, as someone almost old enough to be his father, I look in the mirror and this chap looks about my age – why was he devistated, I remember being his age and felt it was last chance saloon with the ladies, he wanted to get jiggy with his 25 year old girlfriend (poor girl). I do wonder what she is getting from the relationship. From my long experience of life a lady looks for security, love and the right man to have her babies with, there are some who like the lifestyle a rich man can offer, the insufferable Stringfellow is a case in point. I don’t think Joe offers this so I am at a loss to work this one out. As a so called “hardman” which I doubt Joe really is (an ex-boxing trainer), there may be a not so nice side to this. All will come out when his BB time is over.

  7. Hannah says:
    Fri 23 Jun Reply !

    Oxford your quite right.
    At Joe’s age even if he wants to blame a lack of education for his ignorant course behaviour he should by now have learnt some life lessons.
    I’m no fan of Rebecca but she didn’t “bring his daughter” into it she was trying to say he shouldn’t be speaking to young girls in the way he was so rightly or wrongly the argument ensued.
    Joes language both verbal and physical was appalling, he should be ashamed.
    If I was daughter I would be holding my head down in shameful recognition that this idiot is an ignorant rude disgusting old man.

    I’ve said in other posts how sad it is that young people view the likes of chanelle and the others as someone to emulate and aspire to similar…..well it’s even more sad that Joe has had so many more years on this planet but still remains as awful and ignorant as he is
    Get him out he doesn’t deserve to survive any longer foul mouthed common as muck and a hypocrite to boot !

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