Joe puts Raph up for eviction in Big Brother 2017 twist

Club owner gives student a killer nomination for being "too intelligent"
- Posted on June 12 2017 at 05:45pm

Big Brother 2017 - Joe Quaranta gives Raph Korine a killer nomination

Raphael Korine is facing eviction from Big Brother 2017 this Friday after a twist saw Joe Quaranta hand him a killer nomination for being “too intelligent”.

Yesterday housemates took part in a quiz task, believing they could win ‘gifts’ – but what Big Brother didn’t tell them is that the gifts were actually punishments.

If a housemate got their question right, they could choose another person to receive the punishment – but if they were wrong, they’d have to carry out the forefeit themselves.

When asked “What layer protects the Earth from the Sun’s UV rays?”, Lotan correctly answered ‘O-zone’ and opened received a ‘killer nomination’, which he chose to pass on to Joe.

Later, Joe opened his parcel in the lounge, and wasn’t best pleased to see what it contained. “Now you’re f***ing with me,” he groaned.

Big Brother explained that he would have to choose one housemate to automatically face the second eviction, taking place on Friday.

Standing before the group, Joe announced that he’d chosen to put up Raph, claiming: “He’s too intelligent and hasn’t really mucked in like everyone else.”

Therefore, Raph is now in danger of eviction for the second week running. It is understood that the housemates are nominating as normal today, with the results to be announced in tomorrow’s episode.

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