About Paul

Paul Danan began his career as an actor on Hollyoaks, where he played the role of Sol Patrick.

However, he is best known for his appearance in two series of ITV’s Celebrity Love Island. During the show, Paul was remembered for his meltdowns and screaming matches.

Paul went on to appear in his own reality show on ITV; Callum, Fran and Dangerous Danan.

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?

I am looking forward to having the time of my life, with lots of fun and drama, and to get to know some beautiful people. This is a great opportunity for people to see the real me!

What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
I think I’ll be kind, polite, interesting, hilarious at times and a good listener. I also wear my heart on my sleeve.

Describe yourself in three words…
Funny, cool and humble.

10 comments on Paul

  1. Mike New says:
    Mon 07 Aug Reply !

    Really snide lowlife who has been paid and wants out in my opinion.
    A real lack of talent apart from having the ability to play the villain.

  2. erinial says:
    Tue 08 Aug Reply !

    He’s definitely playing the villain this season.

  3. Mike New says:
    Tue 08 Aug Reply !

    Typical school of bullying 101 – play the innocent victim.

  4. Hannah says:
    Tue 08 Aug Reply !

    He is dreadful but to be honest I don’t think he was intentionally trying to to call Karthick by the wrong name……I just think he is totally thick – it’s similar to when Jade Goody could not pronounce that Bollywood woman’s name ( I’ve forgotten it now) but it’s just ignorance to the pronunciation rather than a deliberate racial slur.
    My friend Isla gets called Ireland and IRA all the time ….she doesn’t throw dolls out the pram and claim racial abuse.
    I’m sure many Asian people struggle to pronounce anglicised names, that’s just the way it is…..this is British political correctness gone mad yet again and it doesn’t need all this furore.

    So I do see why he (Paul)would immediately go on the defensive, unfortunately he doesn’t have the vocabulary to explain himself.
    But I do believe he is intentionally playing the passive aggressive controversial card to get air time and dominate the screen he’s an old hand at reality TV
    Personally I think he’s just not a very nice person but he desperately wants to be liked.
    Well that’s just not gonna happen
    Basically Paul is an ignorant idiot and Karthick is playing the racist card because he knows it will get a reaction…
    And it has.

  5. Hannah says:
    Tue 08 Aug Reply !

    Also he needs to take that cheap jewellery off and wash his hand properly 😩

  6. jack stuart says:
    Thu 10 Aug Reply !

    Grim person “get Paul out”

  7. Mike New says:
    Thu 10 Aug Reply !

    Nikki Grahame on steroids.

  8. Mike New says:
    Mon 14 Aug Reply !

    Thick as sh1t. Only PD could be “goated”. LMFAO What a muppet.

  9. Hannah says:
    Mon 14 Aug Reply !

    Yep ! I don’t know about ewe Mike, but I definitely herd 🐐 goat 🐐!
    And he’s so cheesy 🧀 🧀
    He’s 🍼milking it now 😂

  10. poemgate says:
    Fri 18 Aug Reply !

    don’t pass the dutchie pass the drink on the left hand side 18.08.17


    no one will have spotted

    it gives big frustration

    BB fans need to tell paul get knotted

    giving sarah the drink rules the nation.

    its not the love food

    even if popular in a pub

    very sinister i can conclude

    off the floor i would not rub and scrub.

    did not feel with pride

    even if sarah does rise to dance

    can not claify if it was the left hand side

    the drink is burning causing jump and dance.

    paul was cool and breezy

    but indirectly i see rude

    not in june but in agust its easy

    he no’s sarah feels devil in ligure food.

    the camp will talk

    not residents in highgate

    me and jah often walk

    on the boards it does congregate.

    paul on you i grass

    other viewers to influence i hope

    was it cruel or pure class

    passing the drink was no dope.


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