CBB20 Official Ratings

The ‘civilian’ version may have suffered a ratings crash this summer, but will Celebrity Big Brother meet a similar fate for its milestone 20th edition?

The table below lists the consolidated or ‘official’ viewing figures for the new series on Channel 5 in the UK. These are released up to two weeks after broadcast and account for additional factors such as recorded or timeshifted viewing. For overnights, click here.

These ratings include data from Channel 5+1. Ratings marked with a double asterisk (**) also include data for additional broadcasts on 5STAR and 5STAR+1 (see the Notes below for further details). Daily cells are colour-coded to indicate how that night’s episode compared to the equivalent of the previous summer series (CBB18).

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
(See Notes 1 & 2)
(See Notes 1 & 3)
Green – No. of viewers flat with or up on previous series; Red – No. of viewers down on previous series; Grey – N/A
Week Average2.04million1.72million1.73million1.66million
Running Average2.04million1.84million1.80million1.78million
Series Average1.78million


  • [1]: During weeks 3 and 4, the Saturday episodes premiered on 5STAR at 9.00pm, ahead of their main airing on Channel 5 at 10.30pm. In the table, we have listed the combined total viewer numbers for these episodes (including 5STAR, C5, and their +1 channels). The averages at the bottom of the table do include these total viewer numbers.
  • [2]: This episode averaged 644,000 viewers (inc +1) on 5STAR, and 890,000 viewers (inc +1) on Channel 5.
  • [3]: This episode averaged 629,000 viewers (inc +1) on 5STAR, and 900,000 viewers (inc +1) on Channel 5.