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What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
I can’t tolerate untidiness, so I will probably be an annoying housemate. I live a private life and love my privacy.

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Honest, kind and truthful.

51 comments on Kim

  1. Mary Birtles says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    She is the most appalling, nasty. vile uncouth women ever. For a women of her age to act like that is so wrong . You can stand up for yourself without doing what she does. She can’t get the better of Nicola and that ANNOYS her

  2. erinial says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    She does have a colourful language lol. But at least she’s real to your face, u know where you stand with her. I like her, the people she’s clashing with I dislike them, so I’m on her side. She’s really funny especially when with Jedward. Nicola on the other side… Oh don’t get me started. Only 24 hours left… Jedward to win, Kim 2nd :)

  3. connie says:
    Thu 02 Feb Reply !

    Nicola provokes Kim in a crafty way.

  4. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    kim is being bullied and Nicola is the ring leader, very sly and it shows on her face, apart from Jedward; they’re all a clique all smokers, Callum was a loose cannon trying to re-invent himself aa gentleman, but you need refinement for that. James Ohara was in the shadow of Callum, Biancaa is a copycat lookalike of Nicola too. James C admitted to being violent in the past and at 69 knows the game so he’s not going to bother arguing with youngsters but he knows if he let rip he wouldn’t be able to control it, he makes sly digs at Kim so he doesn’t like her. Kim will defend herself but she’s not a troublemaker nor is she nasty, Nicola is and foul-mouthed and shows herself up and anyone who likes her is like her. Those men including Spencer, James O and James Jordan are not proper men attacking on aa 74 year old woman. The most disturbing one is Coleen, she has an advice column then bitches about Kim and Jedward and saying if Kim wins she will look into it officially, Why shouldn’t people vote for them? And she’s got a following who are keeping her in too ‘cos she contributes nothing and she had this pattern with Julie Goodyear. I’m really disappointed in Coleen

    • SYLVIE says:
      Fri 03 Feb !

      :up: very well said Paul.
      As mentioned Kim being a 74 yr old. They were all ganging up on her, especially Nicola, very cunning person. As for Coleen, very sly. She of all people should of had respect for Kim . jedward and kim deserved to of won.

  5. connie says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Colleen and the gang have in the past few days tried their hardest to run Kim down in the diary room and in conversations in the house so that the public do not vote for her. In fact its more likely to have the opposite effect, we the public like to make our own minds up.

  6. sylvie says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    So sorry Kim, you were treated by the other housemates like they did. Even after on the CCB bit on the side. Who are the true adults here. Shame on you ryan, not letting her have a say with your interview. Everyone else. Good for you Kim. Why did they sit you on the end. A disgrace on you Big brother.

  7. erinial says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    Kim’s a tough cookie. She should have been the runner up. She was great.

  8. @therealhannah says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Keep Kim’s career is over ….
    Her game plan Bach fired and it serves her right she is a malicious old hag – at least they weren’t being two faced when they ignored her

  9. @therealhannah says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    She even argued with audiences she found it hard to answer any of Emma’s questions directly because she can’t give one word answers she’s goes round and round until the point is lost
    She’s fake and at last Emma was able to prove that she is also a liar.
    Well done Emma ✅

  10. SJ says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    “Well done Emma”, oh please stop being suck up! Emma Willis has to be one of the most biased TV Presenters of all the time and the way she questioned Kim was almost like right just admit you did this or that otherwise everyone will keep harassing you sort of thing. The only liar on here is you! You are one big fat, obese lie and do you know why? Because you actually at first pretended to be a lovely, soft hearted, caring and compassionate person to me at first, then you totally turned on me, posted all these vile, disgusting messages. THEN you acted as if someone else had actually pretended to be you, you’re scum and the lowest of the low so get offof this site now! :down: :down: :down:

    • sylvie says:
      Sat 04 Feb !

      :up: As you said Emma is so biased. Shame on you big brother, how Kim was treated. Well done to Kim, you and jedward deserved 1st and second. At least Kim came in the top 3. Colleen was so miserable. Still is just as miserable on Loose Women. As if shes the only one with problems.

  11. erinial says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Never liked Emma Willis, I find her better than Brian Dowling but still, she’s not for this show.

    • SJ says:
      Sun 05 Feb !


      :up: :up: :up: Absolutely, she really suits presenting The Jump and The Voice, needs to stick to that area me thinks. Brian Downing was great, Davina was still the best but she did choose to leave so there’s not much chance of getting her back :down: He was always smiling, not two faced nor did he make it so obvious who he favoured so yeah if you can Channel 5 bring him back for the Summer version :happy:

  12. @therealhannah says:
    Mon 06 Feb Reply !

    Omg god – I don’t know if any of you have seen Kim’s interview on This Morning with Holly and Phil…..
    It’s hysterical, she’s just as awful and started rowing with Phillip Schofield – who Aldo happened to mention that she will never be invited back to Celebrity Juice because she’s had arguments with production staff, and that’s saying something to be banned from that show- honestly you could really see her struggling, calling everyone pigs – her language is awful she really is a nasty piece of work,
    Agressive and domineering – awful woman !

  13. mr jones says:
    Tue 07 Feb Reply !

    Kim is a typical British gob mouthed neighbour,
    we all know or live by a family of scumbags that
    are similar to her.
    She should have been the first one voted out,
    what a vile woman, horrible in every way,
    I feel sorry for her husband, he’s either a
    completely poor, gullible bastard or a complete
    mug to put up with her nagging.

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