Coleen beat Jedward by 3% in Celeb BB final vote results

Channel 5 releases percentage breakdown - with Coleen getting 32.65% share
5 comments - Posted on February 4 2017 at 12:23am

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars

Less than 3% separated Celebrity Big Brother 2017 winner Coleen Nolan from runners-up Jedward in the overall vote to win, Channel 5 has revealed.

The broadcaster has provided a breakdown of the voting results for the final week, revealing that Coleen secured a 32.65% share of the vote.

Meanwhile, 29.91% backed Jedward to win – meaning they lost by just 2.74%. Presenter Emma Willis had stated during tonight’s live show that the two were neck-and-neck.

Kim Woodburn finished in third place with 14.52% of the vote, while fourth-placed James Cosmo just managed a double-digit result with 10.33%.

Nicola McLean’s 6.94% put her in fifth place in tonight’s grand final, while Bianca Gascoigne came sixth with 4.36%.

As the vote to win opened on Monday night, the stats also account for Calum Best, who was evicted when the lines froze during Tuesday night’s show.

The model and reality star received just 1.30% of the total votes cast.

Although C5 still does not provide voting data for evictions, it has revealed percentages for the finals of the last three series of Celebrity Big Brother.

However, no conclusive data has been issued for the ‘civilian’ version since 2012.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Pat Morris says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    what a travesty that Miss Nolan should win. I would have prefered any other contestant to win.
    Her homophopic views will live to haunt her.
    The most undeserving person to win in the history of this show.
    What a boring tired z list personality she really is.

    • SJ says:
      Sat 04 Feb !

      @Pat Morris

      Just look at the online polls, there’s no way on earth she should have even come in the top three, further proving my point this has been a huge fix. Must be the biggest in reality tv of all time. I will be letting Ofcom know of my concerns, there’s something not right.

      Absolutely 100% agree with all of your points, well put so briefly :up:

  2. erinial says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Last time CBB aired I didn’t follow what was being said on social media. This time I have been watching and I see that online polls, tweets and even comments in Daily Mail show that a large number wanted either Jedward to win or Kim, especially Jedward. So I was wondering… When Bear won last time, did we have a lot of people saying he was unworthy or polls suggesting another winner? I just want to know if we are really disappointed in this years winner or if that’s what we do every time.

  3. @therealhannah says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Every year there accusations of fixing – personally I found it hard to accept that Helen Wood actually ‘won’ but ofcom looked at it and so it was deemed authentic
    Don’t underestimate the ‘older’ vote -?5those that are irrited by the likes of Jedward but perhaps don’t advertise that opinion on social media or indeed the vote that whilst they don’t really want her to win – it just stops the likes of other key players ( Jedward/Kim) winning instead

  4. Ann says:
    Sat 04 Feb Reply !

    Oh get over yourself you lot. Perhaps people just wanted a normal person to win. I liked Coleen and was glad she won. I must have missed her homophobic comments!!!

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