• Full Name: Jasmine Lennard
  • Age: 27
  • Home: London
  • Starsign: Leo
  • Famous For: Dating Simon Cowell, Make Me A Supermodel contestant

About Jasmine

Jasmine shot to fame in 2005 as a finalist in the popular TV show Make Me A Supermodel.

Jasmine is the daughter of playboy Brian Lennard, who founded Sacha Shoes, and actress Marilyn Galsworthy. The couple divorced when Marilyn found out that her husband had gambled away the family fortune.

Jasmine has two sisters, Pandora and Jessica. Their mother named them after three of their father’s mistresses saying, “It was a tribute to those who didn’t make it.”

Jasmine was a model in one of the first series of Make me a Supermodel in 2005. She was voted off the programme in the early stages by the judging panel but was widely credited as the most entertaining and watchable contestant by the viewing public due to her outrageous behaviour.

Jasmine became the presenter of Make Me a Supermodel Extra in 2005. However, she was soon fired after dubbing panel judge Rachel Hunter as “Rachel Munter.”

Jasmine angered judge Rachel Hunter by describing her as “spotty, finished and fat” and also said “I suggest she throws out the truckload of make-up she uses and hires a personal trainer.”

Since her time on the show she has created a celebrity career out of her appearance, becoming a red-carpet regular and is well known for her publicised rifts with fellow models such as Sophie Anderton, her modelling rival.

In 2010 she gave birth to her son, Phoenix, whose father is American musician, Seth ‘Shifty’ Binzer. Seth was not present at the birth of his son after Jasmine’s 84-hour labour.

Jasmine is bisexual, but doesn’t like to be labelled. Her partners have allegedly included Simon Cowell and Christiano Ronaldo.

Jasmine insists she is not gay, “I meet a lot of beautiful girls working in the modelling industry and I prefer to look at them rather than men, sometimes. I’m not a lesbian. … but being with a woman is a totally different sexual experience. They’re soft, with curves, boobs and sensual lips.”

86 comments on Jasmine

  1. Sarah-Jane says:
    Fri 24 Aug Reply !

    Yup. There’s like literally no meat on her at all! Lol, horrible looking body alongside with a horrible personna :) Sums Jasmine up doesn’t it tara? Yeah, watch it on demand 5 or utube & you’ll see what she says when Emma questions Jasmine on Nina’s accusations she told lies about her on TV.

  2. Sarah-Jane says:
    Sat 25 Aug Reply !

    They’re letting this witch back into the bb house tonight, ouch! I’m complaining to Ofcom about this, C5 really are asking for Big Brother to be brought down to it’s knees & wiped off our TV screens for good.

  3. Dr Bob says:
    Sun 26 Aug Reply !

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour by C5:

    People PAID MONEY to get Jasmine out, by saving their favourites.

    And now she’s getting a free pass, because “ratings have slumped after her exit”.

    I hope they get hit by a class-action lawsuit.

  4. Kara says:
    Mon 27 Aug Reply !

    Maybe people would have nice things to say about her if she wasn’t a nasty piece of work. She slags people off.

  5. mia says:
    Mon 27 Aug Reply !


  6. tara says:
    Mon 27 Aug Reply !

    @mia well said girl :up: shes a right bitch alright :envy: horrible bitch shes just jealous of the too girls horrible bitch she is :doh:

  7. Anthony says:
    Mon 27 Aug Reply !

    She’s a bully. I’ve seen the pics she posted of Danica (advertising some chat line) and it doesn’t change the fact that Jasmine is a total bully. She doesn’t know the meaning of ‘live and let live’.

  8. linda lowe says:
    Mon 27 Aug Reply !

    i think it was totally unacceptable that she called Danica a WHORE during the task with her equally disgusting mother and channel 5 seems to think thats ok.I believe personal attacks like this are bullying of the worse soer and should not be tolerated.Shame on yoy BB

  9. irene pearson says:
    Tue 28 Aug Reply !

    Like mother like daughter. What a gruesome twosome they make. Don’t think she has ever been told NO in her entire life. “Upfront” people are brilliant at dishing bile but can rarely take it.She should never have been exposed on TV and her mother , who must know she is mentally ill should have stopped it. But I suspect she has been spoiled her entire life.

  10. tara says:
    Tue 28 Aug Reply !

    @irene well said girl… She’s a nasty piece of work..:( don’t know why bb let her back in the diary room! She does come across as a totall bully alright… Horrible cow hope she reads all these comments and see how hated she really is…:)

  11. tara says:
    Tue 28 Aug Reply !

    @kara yes she’s a right bitch…:( mayb people would have nice things two say about her if she was a nice person which I could never see her being! “Cow”

  12. tara says:
    Tue 28 Aug Reply !

    @anthony can I ask what kind of pics is she showing of danica“advertising” really? What a horrible cow:( who does she think she is! Your so right she’s a bully alright…

  13. Sarah-Jane says:
    Tue 28 Aug Reply !

    Omg tara Ikr?! What gives her the right to leak out private videos & pics of Danica in her personal life. What is it they say, always remain professional & never bring personal stuff in to try & make a wreak of someone! It always backfires.

  14. Clare says:
    Tue 28 Aug Reply !

    Did you see her mum on BB? Explains it all really….

    As does the fact that she is named after one of her dad’s mistresses – total whore

  15. Looby says:
    Wed 29 Aug Reply !

    poor Jasmine, she obviously hasnt had anybody real to love her, not really her fault BUT she does need counselling and a bloomin good meal. she has a huge broken chip on that bony shoulder

  16. irene pearson says:
    Wed 29 Aug Reply !

    She is a well balanced personality with a chip on each shoulder

  17. Gillian says:
    Wed 29 Aug Reply !

    Jasmine, I did not really warm to you while you were in the show and was worried about your health but I have got to give it to you, you were spot on about Danica and Rhian to a lesser extent.

  18. irene pearson says:
    Fri 31 Aug Reply !

    Jasmine is now rampaging through the press. I seriously question the psychological profiling of prospective HMs and hope she was actually removed from the house for hers and others safety. This woman needs help. This is not entertainment.

  19. elle ford says:
    Fri 31 Aug Reply !

    I really don’t think she is all the ticket. Only been let out for BB. lol.

  20. Tell-It-As-It-Is says:
    Fri 31 Aug Reply !

    I really don’t think Jasmine should have been allowed to go into the house in the first place. It became very obvious after a very short period of time that she was not stable enough for that environment. Shame on her mother who by appearing on the show has clearly encouraged her daughter’s behaviour instead of trying to help her.

  21. Doug says:
    Sat 01 Sep Reply !

    Jasmine is one seriously jealous and f****d up crackpot bitch! Seriously! This bam should be in a place where the mentally disturbed people live. She is a prostitute and slapper

  22. SS says:
    Wed 05 Sep Reply !

    So, which photo is Jasmine claiming was supposedly ‘leaked’?

    The posed topless shot under #gobstoppertits or the posed full frontal nude shot under #MoreMeatOnAButchersPencil?

    I think the word hypocrite comes to mind.

  23. Sarah-Jane says:
    Thu 06 Sep Reply !

    Oh shut up.

  24. Clare says:
    Thu 06 Sep Reply !

    Ooh, had a bad day have we?

  25. Sarah-Jane says:
    Wed 12 Sep Reply !


    Quit making smart comments, you make yourself sound like you’re going out your way to be-little me all the time, so I suggest you quit it before I end up saying something I regret, nasty f****** cow!

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