Celebrity Big Brother 2017 ‘All Stars’: Housemate rumour round-up

Who is going in to the Celebrity Big Brother house? Here's the potential cast...
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Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars/New Stars rumoured housemate line-up

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 launches next week with an ‘All Stars’ and ‘New Stars’ twist – but which ex-housemates are returning for the new series? Here’s a round-up of all the latest line-up rumours!

It’s not long until telly’s most famous house opens its doors once again – but this time, not all of the housemates will be brand new to the show. Channel 5 has confirmed that some former housemates have been invited back for another crack at the whip, giving the fresh faces a run for their money.

So who could these returning ‘All Stars’ be? Below is a summary of (pretty much) all of the names linked to the new series so far.


Jedward on Celebrity Big Brother 2011

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 8 (3rd place)
Remembered for: Making mischief and winding up the housemates

Everyone’s favourite hyperactive Irish twins, John and Edward Grimes made it to third place in Channel 5’s very first series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2011.

Jedward aren’t exactly as big as they once were, so a second stint in the house may be just what they need to get themselves back in the spotlight.

Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean on Celebrity Big Brother 2012

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 9 (6th evicted)
Remembered for: Choosing to “shred shred shred” letters from home

Nicola’s no-nonsense attitude and decision to put letters from home through the shredder won her plenty of fans during the ninth series in 2012.

But she may not be the only glamour girl coming back – indeed, it’s rumoured she may come face-to-face with one of her former enemies…

Katie Price

Katie Price entrance

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 15 (Winner)
Remembered for: Entering the house late as a fairytale princess

Yes, The Sun claims Katie Price may also be involved. Nicola apparently didn’t see eye-to-eye with her for a while, but now “thinks they will have a real laugh”.

Katie is said to be one of the most expensive housemates in CBB history, so C5 may want to go for cheaper names. However, she wasn’t in the best of health during her original run, so we’d love to see her get a second shot.

Jasmine Lennard

Jasmine Lennard

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 10 (1st evicted), Big Brother 15: Timebomb (special guest)
Remembered for: Her arguments with Danica Thrall, and romance with Cristian MJC

Jasmine is one of the most memorable first evictees in Celebrity Big Brother history. She packed her fair share of rows in to an eight-day stint on series ten.

She returned later in her series with her mum for a task, and again in 2015 as a special guest during the ‘Timebomb’ civilian run, so she is one of the more likely names on this list.

Coleen Nolan

Celebrity Big Brother 10 final - Coleen Nolan

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 10 (runner-up)
Remembered for: Her ‘war’ with Julie Goodyear

Coleen finished as runner-up to Julian Clary in summer 2012, making her one of the most successful housemates from Loose Women.

Following reports that her marriage is in crisis, Coleen now apparently sees returning to the show for up to five weeks locked away from the outside world as a potential ‘trial separation’ from her husband.

‘Nasty Nick’ Bateman

Nasty Nick Bateman on Ultimate Big Brother

Previous series: Big Brother 1 (ejected), Ultimate Big Brother (5th place)
Remembered for: *That* nomination notes scandal

Nick’s rumoured involvement comes as a big surprise, given that (a) he was on the ‘civilian’ BB, not the Celebrity one; (b) his Twitter bio suggests he’s based in Australia now, and (c) he is a far more calm and collected Big Brother baddie than Channel 5 seems to prefer.

But anything that harks back to the Channel 4 days gets the thumbs up from us, so we’d love to see him in the house in January!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - Heidi and Spencer snow

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 11 (runners-up)
Remembered for: Their rivalry with eventual winner Rylan

Heidi and Spencer – or ‘Speidi’ as they’re known together – are one of those Marmite housemates that you either love or hate. We here at bbspy love them, so this is one of the rumours we’re most excited about.

The former stars of The Hills injected some life in to an otherwise *whisper* rather pedestrian series of CBB, rubbing pretty much all of their fellow housemates up the wrong way – including a certain Mr…

Rylan Clark-Neal

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 snow - Rylan Clark

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 11 (winner)
Remembered for: His rivalry with Speidi, hosting Big Brother’s Bit On The Side

It was Rylan and Speidi’s rivalry that made CBB11 a series to remember. The former X Factor contestant is also said to be returning for All Stars, and we most certainly can’t wait to see them reunited!

But don’t fret Rylan fans, he’s not leaving Bit On The Side. According to the Daily Star, he will only be moving back in to the house as a special guest for three days, as part of a task – not as a full-time housemate.

Lauren Harries

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Lauren Harries

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 12 (3rd place)
Remembered for: “Who wants the cake?”

Lauren is ‘All Dressed Up’ and may finally have somewhere to go, as The Sun suggests she’ll be on All Stars. Her rep told the Daily Mail: “All she can say is that she shall be meeting some interesting people at Elstree on the 2nd of January.”

However, this is a little dubious – and not just because, per Big Brother tradition, her agent shouldn’t be commenting at all. The wording of the quote, plus the fact that the new series starts on the 3rd of January (not the 2nd), suggests she could have instead bagged a role as a reporter on Bit On The Side.

Jasmine Waltz


Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 13 (2nd evicted)
Remembered for: Her love triangle with Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor

Lennard isn’t the only Jasmine rumoured for the new series – her CBB13 namesake may also be about to Waltz back in to the house.

Proving that the lesser known names often make the biggest splash, she became known for her love triangle with Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor – infamously roasting the pair in a post-eviction visit during an ‘ignore the obvious’ task.

However, as we’ll explain below, there’s little chance Lee will be joining her.

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd on Celebrity Big Brother 5

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 5 (5th place)
Remembered for: A certain racism controversy…

Danielle’s one of the last people we’d ever expect to return, but The Sun claims she got a call after her ex-husband Jamie O’Hara signed up as a New Star.

Reuniting scorned lovers is exactly the sort of thing the producers would do to cause drama, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they’d have Danielle back – but we’d like to think C5 would do the right thing and not drag up one of the darkest incidents in the show’s history.

James Jordan

Celebrity Big Brother 14 summer 2014 - James Jordan

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 14 (3rd place), Big Brother 15: Timebomb (special guest)
Remembered for: His feud with eventual winner Gary Busey

Former Strictly Come Dancing pro is another regular on the Big Brother circuit: he also paid a guest visit to ‘Timebomb’ after coming third on CBB14, and has frequently popped up on the Bit On The Side panel.

His wife Ola was a camper on this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, so James could well fancy doing the double with a CBB comeback.

Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan

Celebrity Big Brother 14 summer 2014 launch show - Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 14 (4th evicted)
Remembered for: Cutting up Leslie Jordan’s underwear

Frenchy was one of the most outrageous CBB housemates ever. We do not condone vandalism, but there’s no denying that her destruction of Leslie Jordan’s underwear – and his reaction to it – was television gold.

The former Rock of Love star recently denied claims that she’s set to return, so we’ll just to have to hope she’s bluffing!

Calum Best

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 final - Calum Best comes third

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 15 (3rd place)
Remembered for: Being the house hottie, taking on Perez Hilton

Every Celebrity Big Brother has its token hunk, and the Daily Star reckons that the producers want Calum back to fit that bill.

He was also a voice of reason in a series that involved Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins, and given how irritating the last series was, we’re sure that skill would come in very handy!

Austin Armacost

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2015 UK vs. USA: Austin Armacost casts deciding vote in Eviction Showdown twist

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 16: UK vs. USA (runner-up)
Remembered for: His bromance with James Hill

Austin was pretty much unknown when he entered the UK vs. USA edition in August 2016 – his claim to fame was dating Marc Jacobs and appearing on little-known reality show The A-List: New York.

However, UK viewers quickly warmed to Austin thanks to his bromance with James Hill. Now he’s apparently poised for a comeback, but without James – so there’d be no regular ‘mantub’ sessions for everyone to look forward to!

Jonathan Cheban

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates - Jonathan Cheban

Previous series: Celebrity Big Brother 17 (walked after six days)
Remembered for: His unlikely friendship with Gemma Collins

Word on the grapevine is that C5 bosses have sparked a bidding war for Jonathan after seeing the rumour that he was in talks for Celebs Go Dating.

As promising a housemate as Jonathan was – we’d have loved to see more of him and Gemma Collins – someone who got cold feet after six days doesn’t really qualify as an ‘All Star’, so it might be best to let E4 have him.

Nikki Grahame

Big Brother Canada 4 - Nikki Grahame has a meltdown after being put on slop

Previous series: Big Brother 7 (5th place), Ultimate Big Brother (runner-up), Big Brother 15: Timebomb (special guest), Big Brother 4 Canada (11th evicted)
Remembered for: What isn’t she remembered for?!

It wouldn’t be an All Stars twist if Nikki wasn’t rumoured, right? Her epic stint on Big Brother Canada earlier this year proved that she makes as amazing telly today as she did when she was screaming “Who is she?!” back in the BB7 house a decade ago.

Nikki has been spending time with her BBCAN bestie Tim Dormer in Australia, but it appears she’ll be back in the UK in time for launch night… so who knows!

Anyone else?

The usual suspects – Katie Hopkins, Stephen Bear (groan) – are said to be on C5’s wishlist, but it’s unclear whether they’ve actually been in negotiations.

Bookies have also floated a couple of names, such as Brian Belo and even former presenter Brian Dowling, but we reckon those two are pretty unlikely.

Who (probably) isn’t returning to the house?

Celebrity Big Brother 12 summer 2013 - Charlotte Crosby

Michelle Visage has ruled herself out. When a fan Tweeted her asking if she’d consider doing Big Brother again, she replied: “Not atm (at the moment)”.

Geordie Shore CBB winners Scotty T and Charlotte Crosby have suggested they weren’t even approached. The latter joked on Twitter that her invite “must of got lost in the post”.

While Jasmine Waltz may be back, Lee Ryan is dead set against returning to CBB. He recently told New! magazine: “It was awful what happened to me. I probably wouldn’t do anything like that ever again.”

The Sun has also suggested that the other person in their triangle, Casey Batchelor, “isn’t keen” on making a comeback.

And what about the New Stars?

Bianca Gascoigne hosts Big Brother's Big Mouth

While the rumour mill has been in overdrive for the All Stars, only a handful of potential New Stars have been named.

As previously mentioned, Jamie O’Hara looks set to become the first active professional footballer on CBB – while Bianca Gascoigne could be about to experience life in the house, nine years after guest hosting spin-off Big Mouth.

Khloe Kardashian’s best friend Malika Haqq, former The X Factor contestant Sam Callahan and Shameless actor Jody Latham have been tipped to take part.

TOWIE‘s Danielle Armstrong was also in talks, but has now apparently been cut from the line-up.

As always, we’ll have to wait until launch night to find out exactly who’s moving in – so make sure you tune in to Channel 5 or 3e on Tuesday at 9.00pm!

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