About Chanelle

“Sex bomb with a very short fuse”

Chanelle has spent over £15,000 on cosmetic surgery. She is known for her very distinctive laugh.

Chanelle calls herself an ‘It’ girl and has featured in Ex On The Beach. Once someone annoys her she can’t help but blow her lid – she says: “I’m like a whirlwind of emotions.”

Why Big Brother? “I want to let down my weave and cause some mayhem!”

29 comments on Chanelle

  1. connie says:
    Fri 09 Jun Reply !

    Trying to shock when its all been done before…boring.

  2. Jack says:
    Fri 09 Jun Reply !

    No I like her my winner prediction. Genuine.

  3. Mike New says:
    Fri 09 Jun Reply !

    Amazing how gravity is affected in her vicinity. Gravity appears to go sideways ;o)

  4. Northernmonkey says:
    Wed 14 Jun Reply !

    Probably a nice enough girl but let’s herself down when she tries to be too shocking.

  5. MikeDublin says:
    Fri 16 Jun Reply !

    Not the best cosmetic surgery I’ve ever seen.

  6. Hannah says:
    Mon 19 Jun Reply !

    Awful common plastic foul mouthed ignorant violent and stupid
    This can not be the type of person we want our young girls to aspire to ???
    I know some of you will say well her hearts in the right place , she’s had a tough life……
    Stop the ‘hating’
    Well to use a swear word myself bollox to that she pisses in the pool asks others to smell her flatulence can’t string a sentence together without swearing
    She is disgusting
    My 5 year old know not to wee in the pool and also she is far more intelligent and respectful than this dirty tramp !

  7. connie says:
    Tue 20 Jun Reply !

    Another one that has been ‘picked’ from another show. Hardly anyone in this series is someone from the general public who has applied. Most of them have been on other shows and IMO were approached to appear. It makes this series more contrived than ever. Everyone’s putting on an act and trying to outdo each other.
    Nothing natural or spontaneous about their behaviour. All false and boring. I’m losing interest, couldn’t care who wins and who is evicted. Its going too far away from the original concept now. With mind numbing tasks to boot.

  8. Aaron says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    My winner. She’s just a laugh and isn’t afraid to stand up to the idiots Lotan and Tom.

  9. Northernmonkey says:
    Sun 25 Jun Reply !

    Another Northern lass who takes no nonsense and does stand up to the numb skulls in the house.

  10. Hannah says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    Did I just see what I think I saw??
    She’s disgusting her hygiene leaves a lot to be desired …… she’s in the bath shaving her boobs ??
    And then her fanny ??
    Do it in the shower you dirty bitch so it washes away not in a bath that others have to use coz you can get you don’t clean the bath out!
    How they can all go back in that jacuzzi after she pisses in it is beyond me, she’s a dirty slapper that’s all there is to it 👎

  11. Hannah says:
    Fri 30 Jun Reply !

    And I don’t know any women that have to shave their boobs, is she a transsexual?

  12. connie says:
    Sat 01 Jul Reply !

    Her behaviour is beyond disgusting. Its sickening.

  13. anonymous91 says:
    Sun 02 Jul Reply !

    I Love Chanelle :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    she’s absolutely gorgeous, funny and talented

    • Bob says:
      Mon 03 Jul !

      gorgeous, funny and talented are certainly not words that I’d personally use to describe Chantelle.
      How is she talented?

  14. Hannah says:
    Sun 02 Jul Reply !

    Oh dear 😒

  15. rebel2017 says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    Was she not in the BOTTOM 5 when they were all voted for?

    No, she is no role model for any girl or indeed anybody. You really couldn’t get more false/vulgar/immature – & did she not say on a recent episode that someone was ‘false’ & that’s why she doesn’t like them?

    Pitifully, it’s been obvious to me for some time that she’s BB’s personal choice for this year’s winner.

    Isn’t there a vomiting emoticon somewhere?

  16. Hannah says:
    Mon 03 Jul Reply !

    :conf: 🤢
    Closest I could find to vomiting!
    But I agree entirely 🤢

  17. Stuart says:
    Sat 08 Jul Reply !

    Dirty slag

  18. Oxfords says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    Words fail me to make out Channelle, she is so young and it would be unkind to criticise her look, being young she gets carried along on the tide of what is fashionable at the time. Being an adult, her behaviour could be better and not so childish, time will catch up with her and the grind of life will take it’s toll and moderate her behaviour.
    The young today have such a different outlook to that of past generations, reflected in the current political climate tagging on to the extreme left views of the Labour Party, not the way to go but again life will teach, I am non political and do not vote but the country has to be run in resposible manner.

  19. Mike New says:
    Sun 09 Jul Reply !

    Never far from an argument or controversy.

  20. Mike New says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    Not as sweet as she looks and that is saying something as she really does look like a sour COW in my opinion.
    Could start an argument in an empty house. :down: :down: :down:

  21. Hannah says:
    Sun 16 Jul Reply !

    She just brings every conversation back to sex talk even her singing !
    It’s ridiculous…..her, Ellie and Hannah are constantly trying to out sing each other, desperate wannabe popsters they obviously realise they won’t get very far on X factor and are trying to use this as a platform, which quite frankly is just annoying

  22. Mike New says:
    Mon 17 Jul Reply !

    get me out

  23. Mike New says:
    Mon 17 Jul Reply !

    I wouldn’t even pay her £400

  24. Hannah says:
    Tue 18 Jul Reply !

    Jeez I hope people don’t let her win, unfair advantage with her boyfriend spilling beans and other things….
    Not nice to watch and not fair

  25. Bob says:
    Tue 18 Jul Reply !

    I’d really love to meet the type of people who “like” Chantelle, I bet our Daniel is one of them, he fits the profile perfectly.
    Above it describes her as a “sex bomb”, she is anything but that, what she is though is someone who runs BB, pick for the winner, it’s been rigged since day one.

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