About Jessica

What are you looking forward to most about Celebrity Big Brother and why?
Shaking it up! Showing people my true personality and hopefully winning it.

What kind of housemate do you think you’ll be?
A world wind of energy!

Describe yourself…
Manic, energised and wacky.

16 comments on Jessica

  1. james andrew says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    I love her! She was great on The Apprentice and I have high expectations for her on here too, can’t wait to see what she has to offer to the house!

  2. SJ says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    Sounds like great choice, her and Chloe will by no doubt either end up arch enemies or best friends but either way they are both going to shake things up. Let’s be honest without them entering the house would become all too nicey and forgiving each other for being irritating or too out there, then bitching behind their backs afterwards.

    To be on The Apprentice and come so close to winning it tells me she’s sharp, intelligent, confident, got a lot of charisma, energy and stands out from the crowd so look forward to seeing her over the next couple of weeks.

  3. Private says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    She is a joke. Not a celeb getting paid when some people work so hard. She is not a CELEB

  4. connie says:
    Sat 14 Jan Reply !

    Comes across as very hyper. Bi-polar perhaps?

  5. Hannah Payne says:
    Sun 15 Jan Reply !

    I Love her, she is the realest one in there.

  6. connie says:
    Mon 16 Jan Reply !

    Her face dropped when Bianca got into the pool.

  7. Hannah says:
    Mon 16 Jan Reply !

    @Hannah Payne

    Are you related to Jack and Dave by any chance ?

  8. connie says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !

    Someone said she has a boyfriend. If this is the case then she is pursuing Calum for a storyline and to get airtime.

  9. northernmonkey says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    Cries after half a glass of wine. Boring.

  10. Hannah says:
    Fri 20 Jan Reply !

    I’ve still never heard of her, does one TV appearance really make you a celebrity?
    If so then all the BBOTS audience deserve a place they are on TV far more frequently than this one

  11. connie says:
    Tue 24 Jan Reply !

    She can appear over-active and hyper, is this because she is desperate to win.

  12. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !


    I think Jessica knows that compared to some of the bigger fish in there, she doesn’t stand a chance, I think she’s trying to impress Calum, I see she’s now making her move on him because Chloe’s gone which proves the two faced sneaky and sly snake she is. I certainly hope she doesn’t make it to the final.

  13. SJ says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !


    Calm down, lol. Appearing on a well known and such a well loved programme like The Apprentice where you’ve proven you have something special does make you famous.

    Those minions on BBBOTS, well there has to be at least a small audience, but nice try ;)

  14. connie says:
    Wed 25 Jan Reply !

    She’s another one whose got a boyfriend on the outside, although you wouldn’t think it by the way she is acting towards Calum.

  15. @therealhannah says:
    Sat 28 Jan Reply !

    Sorry a brief appearance in one show does not make you famous or a celebrity- The Apprentice is just another reality show I’m afraid
    In fact some journalist I think it was Kelvin McKenzie commented on her apptand said she wasn’t very good on the apprentice she came across as confused and he felt she just wanted to be famous and these comments were way before BB
    Anyway she’s gone now so it’s irrelevant really although that clip of her invisioning herself winning was pricelessly cringeworthy – even Emma took the Micky 😁

  16. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !

    I liked Jessica, like Chloe who clashed with Kim at the beginning they warmed to her and saw the funny side to her. Its a wonder she didn’t throttle Stacy!

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