About Jasmine

“Before I was just a fish out of water.”

What are you looking forward to most about this series of Celebrity Big Brother and why?
I’m looking forward to going into this (again) as a new person, I’ve grown and changed a lot in the last three years and I’m looking at this completely different. I know what to expect and feel much more confident.

Why Celebrity Big Brother again?
Redemption! I wasn’t happy with the last time at all. I’m hoping this one is much different and better.

Describe yourself in three words…
Loyal, self-sufficient and happy.

11 comments on Jasmine

  1. northernmonkey says:
    Mon 09 Jan Reply !

    Looks great in leggings :heart:

  2. Jack says:
    Thu 12 Jan Reply !

    Jasmine groped Calum’s penis twice (without his consent) and nothing is said. The first time, she just reached out and touched his penis when he was walking past her. If a male housemate had fondled a female housemate (without her consent) it would be treated differently and the male would be thrown out of the BB house. Look what happened to Jeremy Jackson after the incident with Chloe Goodman in 2015 (and the cameras didn’t even pick that up).

    Once again, double standards. Where is the equality now?

  3. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Looks pretty and she’s not tooo stupid but over rated and needs a good wash

    • Jule says:
      Fri 13 Jan !

      I really like her and think she amazing and sooo talented.
      I like the way she has kept her natural looks (and not went down the cosmetic surgery route).

  4. Confused says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Plastic Jasmine has been very helpful explaining to the Great British Public how they should interpret the words and actions of other housemates. It is so nice of her to help other HMs understand what the GBP is thinking, once she has told them what to think. Just Googled her pre-surgery and pre-botox pix. Hate to say this but Stacy was right.

  5. Hannah says:
    Fri 13 Jan Reply !

    Yes I agree, she better be careful in that snow today because if she warms up by the fire 🔥 her face will melt

  6. connie says:
    Sun 15 Jan Reply !

    Miaow :grin:

  7. SJ1994 says:
    Mon 16 Jan Reply !

    Couldn’t stand her a couple of years back, sadly it’s not changed, she’s a total weirdo as well, definitely got a screw loose somewhere in that airhead of hers.

    I hope she is the one who doesn’t get out of hell on Tuesday and is evicted, then Calum and Chloe can get it on under the sheets ;) Heehee.

  8. connie says:
    Mon 16 Jan Reply !

    Bye Jasmine :shock:

  9. SJ1994 says:
    Tue 17 Jan Reply !


  10. paul says:
    Fri 03 Feb Reply !


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