About Natalie

Natalie claims to have supplied prostitutes to the wealthy. She states she operated the Black Beauties escort agency and worked under the names ‘Miss Whiplash’ and ‘Mistress Pain’.

She claims her clients included “high-flying Tory politicians, City bankers, judges and A-listers”.

20 comments on Natalie

  1. jennyjuniper says:
    Mon 13 Jun Reply !

    Why does BB insist on having angry black women on this show. There must be thousands of nice, normal black women out there, yet time after time it’s always the Natalies, Alexandras and Paulines who get to be housemates.

  2. LEEJA says:
    Mon 13 Jun Reply !

    What constitute a normal black woman? Is it normal for a Caucasian woman to be straddling and choking a man or a man calling a woman a bitch constantly. It is sad in all that is going on in the world today that race is still at the forefront.

    • AJ says:
      Mon 13 Jun !

      Couldn’t have put it any better myself! :wink:
      I really like Natalie and she is a strong character who doesn’t need others. I feel what Huggie is doing is just picking on her because she has had to most confrontations with the others and therefore he thinks they will back him. #Allforairtime :down: :down:

  3. MikeDublin says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !


  4. Wexford says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    A lazy, obnoxious, horrid person. :down:

  5. Dr Bob says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    Terrible housemate, yet another one that’s unwatchable.

    Vapid trash.

  6. Argyll says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    Vile loud mouth :down:

  7. connie says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    Aggressive and loud, she needs to calm down.

  8. Argyll says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    Planting seeds already to get Hughie nominated….dirty dealings but expected that from big vile mouthpiece…… Hopefully she gets nominated… :down: :down:

  9. Mike New says:
    Tue 21 Jun Reply !

    Mr Nasty. Really does have an attitude problem.

  10. connie says:
    Tue 21 Jun Reply !

    She’s digging her own grave in there. Bye Natalie.

  11. MikeDublin says:
    Wed 22 Jun Reply !

    Formal warning. Gosh, didn’t see that coming ;)

  12. Murray Mint says:
    Thu 23 Jun Reply !

    Natalie ewe iz bad.
    You make me sad

    So much hate
    If I were to rate

    Your venom
    I’d go tell ’em
    10/10 for hate ewe score
    And you’re a bloody bore

    Hughie woz upset and now the rest
    You’ve even insulted the best

    Now take Hughie’s advice
    No, don’t drink cider –
    Ewe trouble maker riser!

    Get out, go from this place
    The seeds of hate ewe did sow
    Go forth now and go!

  13. Froglamb says:
    Fri 24 Jun Reply !

    I really hope Natalie is evicted tomorrow. if not I will cry

  14. Laura says:
    Fri 24 Jun Reply !

    She’s like some ghetto version of Big Momma. Get her out

  15. jermainelee says:
    Sat 25 Jun Reply !

    she is the biggest hypocrite ” you can dish it but can’t take it”. that is all have seen her do – now she is out she is even worse – being one of the worst interviewes, being difficult – not wanting to see all her bad behaviour – always deflecting her shit onto others – even on BB on the side – she was not fun but awkard and she could not wait to tell bits about private conversations about Jason, she was one of the most abnoxious – rude – two faced – aggressive, dishonest, stirrer, trouble maker I have seen for a long time on BB – she did not want to join in – play the game or be a sport – why was she picked

    • Wexford says:
      Sat 25 Jun !

      Yes, a vile creature, and ovcourse she’ll be back on the panel again to spit out more venom. :down:

  16. MikeDublin says:
    Sat 25 Jun Reply !

    Ironic that she kept calling her arch-enemy Jayne “The Exorcist”. The exorcist is the good guy who fights the demon :)

  17. Tom Oval says:
    Sun 10 Jul Reply !

    Natalie was born from the fire-y womb of the spawn of evil’s – even evil-er twin.

    She is a nasty loner who has no idea what it means to be part of a successful group. She IS NOT strong. She is very weak – which is why she feels the need to be aggressive, lazy and dysfunctional.

    Some people are just ugly on the outside – she manages to encapsulate that ugliness – both outside and inside.

    I’m not sure what people like Natalie bring to the human race – only to remind the rest of us that we are not that horrible after all and having a big personality – doesn’t mean you have to be a rude and nasty bitch. Ohhh and she is OLD! Which means that over the past 50 or so years she has learned nothing. NOTHING!

    Goodbye Natalie from our television screens, daily life and consciousness. You will quickly be forgotten and buried….like any career you were hoping to get out of your time in BB.


    Spawn of evil.

    • Ryan W says:
      Sun 10 Jul !

      ” You will quickly be forgotten and buried…” yet you mention this comment about her over two weeks after she was evicted?

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