About Emma

N.B. Emma was originally a joint housemate with her twin sister, Victoria. Victoria walked out of the house on Day 5, and Emma was allowed to remain as a solo housemate.

Emma (on the right in the inset picture) says she never watches TV or reads newspapers – but does have an interest in the supernatural: “I think I am an alien from out of space.”

Victoria, who has a degree in fashion, is teetotal and a strict vegan. She feels strongly against the mistreatment of animals and campaigns to raise awareness of her cause.

“We have been sent to make the world a better place,” says Emma, while Victoria adds: “We’re identical twins and ‘ambassadors of the universe’ who want to come to Earth’s rescue!”

7 comments on Emma

  1. Mike New says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    Deffo Cadbury fruit and nut.

  2. connie says:
    Tue 21 Jun Reply !

    She thinks its X Factor.

  3. connie says:
    Mon 27 Jun Reply !

    If you are 30 years old and cry because a moth has died how are you going to cope when something really bad happens in your life. I guess she has been mollycoddled. Needs to grow up.

  4. Dr Bob says:
    Mon 04 Jul Reply !

    The only people who can afford to be like that, not properly working, but “making the world a better place” and being strict vegans, are wealthy trust-fund kids.

    Same with Georgina. She acted like a girl at least 10 years younger than she actually is. Never had to grow up, because money.

  5. Jack says:
    Wed 06 Jul Reply !

    Pressing the button once is fine ,but pressing it twice is out of order. Some housemates haven’t seen there families yet :down: .

  6. Mike New says:
    Wed 06 Jul Reply !

    I’ll bet she would have thrown her twin sister under the bus without a shred of concious.

  7. Mike New says:
    Thu 07 Jul Reply !

    No great loss. She was going anyway IMO.

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