About Chelsea

Chelsea is a self-made millionaire, keeping himself extremely busy with a range of different business ventures. However, he’s not all work, as he admits: “I love to party and have a sexy girl with me.”

He lives a lavish lifestyle, with a Bentley in his driveway and a cinema room in his house. He owns properties in Chelsea, Windsor, Erith, Sweden and Tenerife.

15 comments on Chelsea

  1. connie says:
    Thu 09 Jun Reply !

    Whichever way you style it its a comb-over! :wink:

  2. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    I can’t abide people who talk about how much money they have and how much they have paid for stuff. This guy is oily in so many ways.

  3. jermainelee says:
    Sun 12 Jun Reply !

    he acts like a spoilt princess who is used to getting his own way and thinks he is better than others -throwing his weight around as if he is a king – maybe he wants to get on made in chelsea – though I cannot see him getting on with the others – as for the hair he looks plastic

  4. MikeDublin says:
    Wed 15 Jun Reply !

    He speaks like Fagin from Oliver.

  5. Mike New says:
    Sat 18 Jun Reply !

    delusional is his second name

  6. Oddlegs says:
    Sat 18 Jun Reply !

    He looks like the child snatcher from chitty chitty bang bang

  7. Murray Mint says:
    Sun 19 Jun Reply !

    I wish he’d shut his gob about being a tough guy gangsta.

  8. connie says:
    Sun 19 Jun Reply !

    Has no charisma.

  9. MikeDublin says:
    Mon 20 Jun Reply !

    He’s like a chihuahua who thinks he’s a Rottwiler

  10. Benjamin says:
    Sat 25 Jun Reply !

    Chelsea 2 win Laura being the runner up

  11. Mike New says:
    Sat 02 Jul Reply !

    My grandson wants to know where all his lego heads have gone!!! My son has thrown them out lol

  12. Anonymous says:
    Fri 08 Jul Reply !

    Chelsea is so boring, I can’t stand him.
    He talk ‘s about his money all the time,doesn’t he realise,that
    all these girl’s he say ‘s he has,are only with him for his money,making them prostitutes in my eye’s,they won’t be going with him for his look ‘s or his mind!sooner he goes the better,
    Why is he in the house anyway?does he want to raise his profile,
    Please someone tell him do something about his hair/wig,it’s like a cartoon style cut,he look ‘s ridiculous. He maes me cringe!

  13. Mike New says:
    Sun 10 Jul Reply !

    Looked like he had a girdle on during the “sack race”.

  14. connie says:
    Sun 10 Jul Reply !

    His gangsta talk is really funny. He couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding.

  15. Mike New says:
    Mon 11 Jul Reply !

    Only the skin off his hand! Some black belt lol

    What a load of bullsh1t. The other house mates just did not like him.

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