About Andrew

Andrew is a four-time world kickboxing champion trained by his brother, whom he claims is his only true friend.

Controversially, Andrew – who is a member of Mensa – believes that a man should be able to sleep with as many women as he wants to, but that rule does not apply to women.

19 comments on Andrew

  1. Claude_J4 says:
    Wed 08 Jun Reply !

    Top 5 for sure.

    • MrGaming56 says:
      Wed 08 Jun !

      I agree with you there, I think he might be the winner if he does things right and well :up:

    • Y2Jin99 says:
      Mon 13 Jun !

      Guess not.

  2. Oddlegs says:
    Fri 10 Jun Reply !

    Dark horse, cool and calm amongst the mayhem.

  3. Oxford says:
    Fri 10 Jun Reply !

    This man is NOT Andrew Tate, he is James Coburn who has just stepped out of a Time Machine propelled forward from 1953 to appear in Big Brother 2016. I know because I was a kid then when they were experimenting with this technology, just after the war, they had a few successes but it went awry because they had only some of the info from the Rothwell Incident in 1947 and lost people like Buddy Holly who went and never returned, the project was abandoned, will man ever find the missing bits of technology, I doubt it. Believe and you will achieve.

  4. Hollypoo says:
    Fri 10 Jun Reply !

    Hope he gets voted in the house tonight! can tell he will go far!

    • Claude_J4 says:
      Fri 10 Jun !

      That’s if he doesn’t get kicked out beforehand lol. He’s said some things on twitter that alot of people aren’t happy about.

  5. mr.blobby says:
    Fri 10 Jun Reply !

    This guy is like, “what the hell am I doing here?” I can see that oblivious look on a lot of the celeb housemates. Either him or Chelsea will be the first ones to quit…

    • mr.blobby says:
      Sat 11 Jun !

      LOL, nailed it already. Chelsea and Marco out the fire exit tonight, they’ll come back but the millionaires are (one of) the first ones out…rest in pepperoni’s and champagne.

      My god, who ruined this series so badly?

  6. Mike New says:
    Fri 10 Jun Reply !

    He has that blank Mensa look about him. Very similar to a plank. Which bit of what Emma said to him did he NOT understand?

  7. jennyjuniper says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    Yet another numpty, who in all likelyhood believes he is more intelligent than he actually is. He has the sort of smug face that begs to be slapped. :down:

  8. AJ says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    BB, You kick Telia Tequila for her offensive past before her stint in the house so why are you allowing this Racist, Sexist, Homophobic guy to continue?

  9. AJ says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    BB, You kick Telia Tequila for her offensive past before her stint in the house so why are you allowing this Racist, Sexist, Homophobic guy to continue? :down: :down:

  10. jermainelee says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    this is a man who really lives up the name of chavenistic – he thinks he is the best – has the best mind and also best fighter and one of the most arrogant in the series – really do not like him – has the characteristics of the most louthsome people

  11. JJ says:
    Sat 11 Jun Reply !

    He’s not the most likeable at the moment but it is only a few days in so we’ll see what happens. He’s definitely without a doubt the biggest game player out of them all though. Could be seen in his reasoning for evicting Alex and Jackson being the biggest threats though maybe not tactically a good move right now because the HMs immediately knew something was up.

  12. Sophie says:
    Sun 12 Jun Reply !

    Ugh wannabe dickhead

  13. Ryan motley says:
    Wed 15 Jun Reply !

    That wannabe dickhead is four times world kickboxing champion so he probably has good reason to think he is the toughest. Do your research fool. Haha

  14. Confused says:
    Sat 25 Jun Reply !

    Research: ISKA has 18 weight classes and 5 categories of kickboxing. That makes 90 “world” champions mostly from Europe and US, as Asia (the home of kickboxing) is not part of ISKA. Impressive but no less a dickhead.

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