About Sallie

Sallie is a tattooed, rock chick, glamour model who describes herself as a bitch. Sallie has slept with over 70 girls but describes them as “head f**ks”. She has also slept with various celebrities including footballers. She’s a straight talking Northerner who claims she offends most people she talks to. Her hobbies include extreme sports, fire-breathing and DJing.

Sallie has a 3 year old daughter who lives with her for a few days every week. Her daughter’s father looks after her the rest of the time. Sallie has a Chihuahua called Vegas, and she says that the most important person in her life is her daughter. As she spends a lot of time away, she says the time they have together is very precious.

Sallie has been a glamour model for the past two years although she has only been signed for the past 6 months. She loves modelling and the lifestyle it brings, and is glad to be one of the first tattooed models breaking into the mainstream. By day, Sallie’s job is being a model and by night she is a DJ.

Sallie thinks her biggest achievement is travelling around the world with her daughter when she was 2 years old. Sallie is currently single and her last relationship ended in January after she found him checking her phone, she describes him as a “weirdo”.

60 comments on Sallie

  1. Constantinople says:
    Tue 09 Jul Reply !

    Oh don’t be so self righteous,we are all entitled to our own opinion.


  2. Constantinople says:
    Wed 17 Jul Reply !

    I just hope that with all the “trouble” lately, BB don’t bring her back in. :down: I really cannot stand her. :down:

  3. gtabz says:
    Sun 21 Jul Reply !

    best house mate ever she is tots epic :tongue:

  4. jazz says:
    Wed 24 Jul Reply !

    smash that

  5. Andrea Pratt says:
    Tue 30 Jul Reply !

    Poor kid

  6. rendering says:
    Wed 31 Jul Reply !

    I thought Sally was really beautiful, had a great curvy figure & cool tattoo’s. She just spoiled it basically, every time she opened her big obnoxious mouth & they still go on at Charlie for not thinking before she speaks.

  7. Hi says:
    Thu 01 Aug Reply !

    I think I have a good judge of character. Paying attention to people’s faces and body language as well as just a fair amount of thought about the world and what people do to each other etc. I don’t think a very negative world view yet. She’s a sociopath – 1/25 people apparently are – this one is. Jemima isn’t. I think i’ll mention seeing as she randomly went at her in BBDishes.

    This is a stuned 13 yr old of 26 years… a northerner try hard chick with a dick literally. She’s so aggressive fueled she’s almost got a mans upper body – hardly any curve on it.

    She showed her mental illness on the launch night just attacking everyone.. saying something like ‘I’m here to make people uncomfortable’ or something like… smh. I haven’t even watched the gina episode yet- can’t wait. She also when michael fake actor was like i’m having the pizza over the suitcases designed to annoy them she was like ‘I like him’ she tried lying to make people uneasy – why would someone like someone who does something so stupid? And i saw she was just saying that to make people think she thought that – it was on her stupid, northerner, dyke face.

  8. james says:
    Thu 01 Aug Reply !

    she is just rough, i don’t know how else to describe her really, just rough, shame really, lose the personality, lose the dress sense, lose the tattoos, lose the gob and she would probably be quite nice

  9. JL says:
    Tue 06 Aug Reply !

    Poor daughter of hers :sad:

    Sallie’s “biggest achievement is travelling around the world with her daughter when she was 2 years old.” Seriously????

    One hopes she’s learnt something from the house and the public opinion.

  10. david becks says:
    Sun 11 Aug Reply !

    That’s just being a slag I have to say excpecially sleeping with over 70 girls WTF sort your self out

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