BBCAN4 Spoiler Policy

We understand that some of you will want to do your best to avoid Big Brother Canada spoilers. However, although we cover international versions of the show, bbspy is still primarily focussed on Big Brother UK – and with the possibility that Nikki Grahame might be entering the BBCAN4 house, we intend to keep our readers up to date on her latest antics.

Therefore, here we have set out how we intend to cover spoilers during BBCAN4. This spoiler policy applies to all of our social media pages (including @bbspy and @bbspyCAN on Twitter) as well as our website coverage.

What does bbspy consider a spoiler?

In our BBCAN4 coverage, a spoiler constitutes crucial gameplay results – such as Head of Household winners, nominees and Power of Veto winners – that are revealed prior to their inclusion in the television episodes. Such information will typically be revealed on the live feeds.

How will bbspy report this information?

Articles containing these results will clearly be labelled ‘SPOILERS’, either in the title or description. We will never include the spoilers themselves in titles or descriptions, nor will we use them to promote such articles on our social media pages.

Our content pages, such as our gameplay table, will never be updated with spoilers.

When does a spoiler become fair game?

We will no longer consider gameplay results to be spoilers once they have been revealed in the television episodes, after which we will update our content pages to reflect these results, and may refer to them freely in article titles and descriptions and on social media.

A general guide to when the television episodes air and what results they may contain follows:

Canada airtimeUK timeTypical content
Sunday 7.00pm ET/PTMonday 12.00amHead of Household results, nomination results
Wednesday 9.00pm ET/PTThursday 2.00amPower of Veto results
Thursday 8.00pm ET/PTFriday 1.00amEviction results, Head of Household results

Please note that the scheduling of episodes and the content they may contain is subject to change.

What about twists?

bbspy will use its discretion when it comes to twists. Although we may reveal that a certain twist is taking place, if it significantly affects gameplay – such as BBCAN3’s First Five return competition or Have Not Superpower – we will treat its results in accordance with our above policy.

What doesn’t bbspy consider a spoiler?

In addition to twists that don’t directly affect gameplay results, we may also cover day-to-day goings on in the house without spoiler warnings. This includes strategizing between the houseguests – such as the formation of new alliances or talk about who they might intend to target – that doesn’t include details of final gameplay results.

Are there any exceptions to our spoiler policy?

Yes. Although we fully intend to stick to our spoiler policy as much as possible, we will also be doing our best to keep our UK readers up to date on Nikki’s progress in the BBCAN4 house (should she make it in there).

Therefore, in the event that spoilers emerge that significantly affect Nikki’s participation in BBCAN4, we may use them in our coverage without warnings.