Andrew, Jonny and Daniel’s Celeb BB triple eviction – pictures

Ex-Dapper Laughs comic surprises girlfriend by proposing on air after his exit
3 comments - Posted on January 26 2018 at 11:04pm

The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house lost not one, not two, but three housemates tonight when Andrew Brady, Jonny Mitchell and Daniel O’Reilly were sent packing in a triple eviction.

After this week’s survival task, the women were in control of the latest nominations, but although they were able to target each other, it was four men – Andrew, Daniel, Jonny and Shane ‘Courtney Act’ Jenek – that ended up in danger.

Unbeknownst to the housemates, only one of them would survive, as Big Brother had a triple eviction up his sleeve. Part one of tonight’s live show saw Andrew leave first, having polled the least public votes to save, followed by Jonny.

The comedian formerly known as Dapper Laughs then became the third and final victim of the dastardly twist in part two, although he managed to turn the sad moment in to a happy one by proposing to his girlfriend on stage!

Check out pictures from tonight’s bumper boot-out in our gallery…

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3 comments on this article

  1. poem says:
    Sat 27 Jan Reply !

    cucumberGATE 27.01.18
    a first for big brother
    tonight we all did sample
    a genuine guy did smother
    andrew doing enough to stay was not ample.
    was he a great pretender
    the game plan done in no lab
    still the fish comment leaving ladies tender
    good by to the gift of the gab.
    next out was music by sony
    standing up as a feminist
    average one of the lads was johny
    fighting for ann makes him a extremist.
    very happy with silver and bronze
    great were these numbers
    jess proved shes not one of the blonds
    it was true about the cucumbers.
    3rd out is a mistake
    CBB will for sure be crapper
    this guy gets a forward head shake
    thank you for your time dappa.

  2. Man2man says:
    Sat 27 Jan Reply !

    Please please take this rubbish off the air. I’ve watched from year 2000.

  3. Lynnwarbo says:
    Mon 29 Jan Reply !

    I respect people until I’m given a reason not to …. thanks to cbb I have lost any respect for a number of the contestants. I will give just 2 examples from my perspective and that will my last involvement of any kind because it everything I value and hurt over is being attacked …. comment 1 “I’m not in here to fight a cause (in the year when the whole supposed ethos was respect and equality and this celebrity was riding high as an ambassador for a specific life threatening disease) and secondly in a conversation where every fight fought in the name of gay equality was ridiculed and that celebrity s ability to marry her same sex partner was just a ‘given right’ and nothing to do with the lgbtq fight. Maybe if anyone of these celebrity s had to witness someone they love being beaten to a pulp purely because they were a gay man then maybe they d have more respect for the historic fight and the present day one … I’m afraid ignorance is no longer an excuse especially to someone who has every ability (financial … socially) to not use the well used (and total rubbish) statement ‘I didn’t know’!!!!! To me Shane j should walk away today because it is 100% apparent it’s turning iinto a witch hunt and courtney is the witch in their sights … I respect him too much to watch the ripping apart of a decent person and no 1 person can fight that alone *and nor should they in a so called house of equals pfffft

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