Ginuwine’s Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eviction in pictures

John Barnes also gets to pose for the paps after his sudden back door exit
2 comments - Posted on January 23 2018 at 10:30pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman - Ginuwine fifth evicted

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 viewers called time on ‘Ashuwine’ tonight as Ginuwine became the fifth housemate to be evicted.

It was only during last night’s highlights that we found out that John Barnes had been booted out the back door, forcing bosses to rush through the usual proceedings for tonight’s live show.

The latest nominations were played, and it was revealed that Ann, Daniel, Ginuwine, Jonny and Wayne were in the firing line – before a short public vote gave fans just over 20 minutes to have their say on who should stay.

Eventually, the ‘Pony’ singer was separated from his house love interest, Ashley James, when host Emma Willis announced that his time had ran out.

During tonight’s show, Emma also interviewed John about his CBB experience – with the footballer getting to pose for the paps on the outdoor stage. Flick through his and Ginuwine’s eviction photos above!

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2 comments on this article

  1. WhiskeyJack says:
    Wed 24 Jan Reply !

    Thank goodness for that, the show will be all the better.
    Reading between the lines it seems this dreadful man doesn’t a deal of interest in Ashley apart from the obvious being the womaniser he is, this was overtly demonstrated by his direct reference to her womanhood.
    If Ashley does pursue him when out he will take his “prize” then will be away, personally it wouldn’t surprise me if doesn’t fly back to the US before the end of this series, he probably has a string a women he can “use” back in the States.
    Good ridance to the second worst HM after Brian Belo, Belo’s continuous snogging Jade turned my stomach but nothing came of it after the show thank goodness. sensible girl, lets hope Ashlet has the sense to see through vile Ginnnuuwhinnne, watch this space!

  2. WhiskeyJack says:
    Thu 25 Jan Reply !

    Where is everyone, this forum is usually buzzing!

    The letter from home that Ashley recieved blatantly warned her to stay away from the black bloke. Her parents cryptically wrote “stay away from those who distract you and WINE” the consensus is that they are warning her about Gennnuuwhiiine. It would be lovely if Ashley hitched with the nice English boy Andrew, but I fear she is obsessed with what black guys term (not my words) the n****r dick, that has impregnated so many unfortunates.

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