India Willoughby evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – pictures

3 comments - Posted on January 12 2018 at 11:28pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman viewers delivered some bad news to India Willoughby tonight when she became the first evictee of the series.

Just two housemates were put up for this week’s public vote in Tuesday’s face-to-face nominations, only the fourth direct head-to-head battle on Big Brother UK in the last three years.

In one corner was India, Britain’s first ever transgender newsreader who had become a polarising figure both inside and outside the house as the source of most of the drama.

In the other was Jonny Mitchell, the cockly Love Islander who was seemingly only put up for eviction because he was too attractive.

The result wasn’t entirely clear cut, with some fans predicting the sheer amount of airtime India enjoyed would give her an advantage in the vote to save.

However, with only one other housemate in the firing line, it was easy for India’s critics to just pick up the phone for the other person – and needless to say the Big Brother superfan was shown the door in tonight’s live special. Check out her exit pics in our gallery!

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3 comments on this article

  1. poem says:
    Sat 13 Jan Reply !

    india delivery – happy or sad to return to sender ! 13.01.18
    thank you to voters
    for once its a result
    time on the track gets over quoters
    getting her out was no h.bolt.
    yes there is compassion
    always supporting the dog under
    the heart has no love ration
    feelings of sorrow quilt and compassion thunder.
    a total contradiction
    what is said to being displayed
    unlike maggie and amanda and no friction
    pure joy from waynes world not delayed.
    your interview was a shamble
    for your mother was humiliation
    if it was a curry i would gamble
    but this indian was a over powering contamination.
    looking forward to others
    this CBB has now no blisters
    will tune into other brothers
    desperate to find out and explore rest of sisters.

  2. Hannah says:
    Sat 13 Jan Reply !

    Thank god she’s gone.
    Not as clever as she thought she was
    A liar too
    Lied when she promised Ann she could have the bed back when men arrived
    Lied about a “drag queen Phobia” and stayed she’d never done a pride march just wants to be accepted as a woman !
    She won’t ever be accepted as a woman when she behaves like a man 🙄
    Why can’t she work that out ????

  3. WhiskyJack says:
    Mon 15 Jan Reply !

    I totally agree about “India” thank goodness she has gone, as a man and totally in love with womankind, a raving heterosexual I see no traits of feminity in this person, there is a natural chemistry between a man and a woman and there is zilch from India. IMO India is a man cobbled together to look like a female, but still male.
    I have sympathy for this person if the mind is in termoil having a
    female psychi but a male body but you cannot alter the way nature has made you, nature means natural and there is nothing natural about how India presents.

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