Channel 5 premieres Celebrity Big Brother 2018 trailer

Emma Willis promises that women 'have the power' in 30-second advert
5 comments - Posted on December 25 2017 at 10:39am

Emma Willis in Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year Of The Woman trailer

Channel 5 has given Celebrity Big Brother 2018 fans a Christmas Day surprise by premiering the full trailer for the new series – although it comes only eight days before launch night.

Following on from the ‘eye flash’ teasers, the thirty-second advert begins with seventeen separate shots of blinking human eyes, this time accompanied by an upbeat chant of ‘Power!’.

The last one zooms out to reveal Emma Willis, who says: “This time, we’ve got the power. Celebrity Big Brother, the Year of the Woman.”

At the end, the presenter poses in front of a background of four dancing silhouettes, alongside animated circles and crosses – the two parts of the Venus female gender symbol.

It comes a day after bosses confirmed Rachel Johnson, journalist and sister of infamous politician Boris Johnson, as the first housemate taking part.

C5 has begun referring to the new series by the name ‘Celebrity Big Brother: Year Of The Woman’, but it is unclear whether this is just a promotional title, or it will be used on the show itself.

Fans have criticised the broadcaster for its lack of promotional efforts for CBB’s 21st outing, at a time when the show’s future is thought to be hanging in the balance. With the launch night on Tuesday 2nd January, C5 and its sister channels (including MTV and Comedy Central) now have just eight days to run the trailer.

In a twist to mark 100 years since women first won the right to vote in the UK, the latest CBB will begin with only female housemates, before the male contestants arrive at a later stage.

Other names rumoured to be taking part include 5 News presenter India Willoughby, singer Ginuwine and former Love Island contestant Jonny Mitchell.

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5 comments on this article

  1. Patton says:
    Mon 25 Dec Reply !


    SJW/Feminist propaganda, “thanks” to C5. Time to stop this crap.

  2. Ewan says:
    Tue 26 Dec Reply !

    How awkward will this season be if a male wins at the end?

    • Brekkie says:
      Wed 27 Dec !

      Yes, given winners and casting in recent years wouldn’t be surprised if Harvey Weinstein won it!

  3. Hahaha says:
    Thu 28 Dec Reply !

    This is going to turn out disastrous. Did they not learn what happens in a house full of women when it was done 10 years ago? A terrible series that started off bad and couldn’t be saved once the damage was done.

    Way to go BB, (or in this case BS – an appropriate acronym for this series). This experiment has been done in other reality shows before too, and in pretty much all cases, they had to backtrack on the twist once they realized that instead of indulging their delusional feminist fantasy, it ended up HURTING the audience’s perception of women.

  4. man2man says:
    Fri 29 Dec Reply !

    I hope a male wins

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