Celebrity Big Brother 2018 bosses want women for launch crowd

Channel 5 declines to comment on whether men will be excluded from audience
7 comments - Posted on December 14 2017 at 08:48pm

Big Brother 2017 live set

Channel 5 is specifically inviting women to join the audience for the all-female Celebrity Big Brother 2018 launch night.

Last week the broadcaster announced that, to mark 100 years since women won the right to vote in the UK, the new series of CBB will begin with only female housemates, before men arrive at a later stage.

Now it turns out that the twist is also affecting the show’s fans.

Applause Store, the ticket distributor for Big Brother live shows, is specifically looking for women to be in the launch crowd on Tuesday 2nd January.

The company’s website reads: “This year, to celebrate 100 years since women won the vote, Celebrity Big Brother kicks off with an all-female house!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eye logo

“To mark the occasion, we are looking for women to pack our launch night audience. We’re looking for females from all walks of life, all professions and with a diverse mix of interests!”

Although this does not explicitly confirm that only women are permitted to apply, bosses are keeping quiet on whether men are being excluded.

When approached by bbspy for clarification on the matter, Channel 5 declined to provide further comment, simply referring us back to Applause Store’s blurb.

The text suggests that bosses are hoping to appeal to women who would not typically be interested in going to a Big Brother launch. However, the move has angered loyal fans who regularly turn up to the live shows.

Celebrity Big Brother summer 2017 - bbspy exclusive launch night house tour: Live show set

As Big Brother’s ratings have dwindled, it has come to rely on repeat attendees to fill audiences. The show has faced embarrassment in recent years when revealing large sections of its crowd area to be empty during live broadcasts.

One male regular told us: “I love the idea of all the housemates being women to mark the vote, but isn’t having a female-only audience taking it too far?

“I attend most evictions and launch nights. It would be a shame to miss out because of my gender. I love going, the atmosphere is great.”

It is unclear whether the female focus will be extended to production guests, for whom a section of the crowd stands are reserved. Friends and family of new housemates are usually invited to cheer them on as they enter the house.

It is also unclear whether spin-off Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, which has its own dedicated audience booking team, will be affected.

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7 comments on this article

  1. Emma pinder says:
    Fri 15 Dec Reply !

    I’d love to be in the audience and watch the live launch show

  2. Lee says:
    Fri 15 Dec Reply !

    I understand 100 yr 4 women to vote
    But its 2017/2018
    And we should celebrate men n women are 100% equal
    Women r just as strong as men. Mentally and physically
    So dont think its right not 2 have men on live launch night 🤔
    Still love u Cbb n BB 😘

  3. Phil says:
    Sat 16 Dec Reply !

    I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading how dare they be an all female house and audience I will be sending a complaint to offcom.

  4. Sally says:
    Tue 19 Dec Reply !

    I’ve managed to get ‘tickets’ for the launch night on Jan 2nd, any ideas on what time to get there to have a good chance of getting in?

    • Brekkie says:
      Wed 20 Dec !

      Well it is Celebrity Big Brother so turn up early enough and there is a very good chance you’ll get in – as a housemate.

    • Matt says:
      Wed 20 Dec

      The best advice I can give you is to get there as early as possible – queues can start forming at any time of day, even in the morning. Interest in launch episodes is usually high so there may be a lot of people trying to get in. Hope it all works out and you enjoy it! :)

  5. Dano says:
    Tue 09 Jan Reply !

    India she nags to much about er self. Maggie to win.

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