Celebrity Big Brother 2018 reveals new ‘human’ eye logo

Channel 5 show to feature a 'real' eye design for first time in eight years
- Posted on December 5 2017 at 05:24pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eye logo

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 has revealed its biggest design shake-up in eight years, featuring a logo based on a human eye for the first time on Channel 5.

Yesterday bosses confirmed that the new series will launch with only female housemates, marking 100 years since women first won the right to vote.

As part of this twist, bosses have reimagined the show’s presentation and abandoned C5’s simplistic logo template, at least temporarily.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eye logo close-up

For the first time since Channel 4’s last series of CBB in 2010, the motif has been based on a human eye, wearing make-up such as mascara and eye shadow.

Appearing on a background of rectangular blocks, it is mostly black and white, although it does feature a multicoloured iris overlaid with a camera lens.

The latest incarnation of the iconic logo was again created by design agency SHOP, which has been responsible for Big Brother UK’s branding since 2013.

Big Brother 1 eye logo
The first ever Big Brother UK logo, said to feature housemate Melanie Hill’s eye

It is only the third human logo in the show’s history. The very first series on C4 in 2000 also featured a real peeper, said to be that of housemate Melanie Hill.

Since Big Brother moved to Channel 5 in 2011, the eyes have been based on a simple pointed oval shape with a circular centre. It is unclear whether this template has been ditched permanently, or just for one series.

The shake-up could be an attempt to reinvent the show, which is thought to be facing a make-or-break year after suffering severe ratings crashes in 2017.

Celebrity Big Brother 7 eye logo
The logo for Channel 4’s final Celebrity Big Brother, which featured a human eye with fire effects

Celebrity Big Brother 2018’s gender-themed twist will see the female housemates enter the house on launch night, and live together by themselves for a currently unspecified period of time.

Male housemates will arrive later in the series, and all of them will face a series of “tasks and experiments” that aim to challenge gender stereotypes.

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