Celebrity Big Brother 2018 launch date, ‘Full House’ special confirmed

All-women launch airs 2nd January - but the men could arrive three days later
- Posted on December 5 2017 at 11:14pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eye logo close-up

Channel 5 has confirmed that Celebrity Big Brother 2018 will kick off with its women-only launch on Tuesday 2nd January 2018, followed by a ‘Full House’ special three days later.

The 21st series begins with a 90-minute live show on the 2nd at 9.00pm on C5, marking its earliest start since the sixth run on Channel 4 in 2009.

Presenter Emma Willis will introduce us to the first contestants during the episode – but all of them will be female, in a twist marking 100 years since women won the right to vote in the UK.

  • Tuesday 2nd January
  • 9.00pm, C5Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch
  • 10.30pm, C5One Night With My Ex
  • 11.30pm, C5Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side
  • 12.30am, C5CBB Live From The House
  • Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th
  • 9.00pm, C5Celebity Big Brother
  • 11.05pm, C5Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side
  • Friday 5th January
  • 9.00pm, C5Celebrity Big Brother: Full House Live
  • 10.00pm, C5Will & Grace
  • 10.30pm, C5Celebrity Big Brother
  • 11.05pm, C5Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side

With fewer housemates than usual due to enter night one, C5 has taken the chance to shorten the series opener and use it to promote another show, One Night With My Ex, which returns immediately afterwards at 10.30pm.

It’s back to CBB at 11.30pm, when Rylan Clark-Neal goes over the launch with a celebrity panel and studio audience in Bit On The Side. A 45-minute burst of live feed rounds off the night from 12.30am.

The women will live in the house by themselves for an unspecified period of time, but male housemates will eventually join them – and C5’s first New Year schedules give us a clue about when they might arrive.

A special live show named ‘Celebrity Big Brother: Full House Live’ airs in two parts on Friday 5th January, between 9.00pm-10.00pm and 10.30pm-11.05pm.

Although bosses have yet to confirm exactly what it will involve, the name ‘Full House’ suggests it will see the rest of the new line-up finally enter the house.

If this proves to be true, it means the women will spend approximately 72 hours in the house before they’re joined by the men.

The two parts will be separated by the UK premiere of revived American comedy Will & Grace, which will go out on Fridays at 10.00pm, sandwiched between CBB eviction episodes.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eye logo

Full House is followed by Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11.05pm, but there will be no live feed that night.

Regular hour-long highlights episodes air on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th January at 9.00pm, with Bit On The Side at 11.05pm.

Earlier today, Channel 5 revealed the new logo for Celebrity Big Brother 2018, which represents the gender-themed twist by featuring the show’s first ‘human’ eye motif in eight years.

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