Courtney, Ann had almost 90% of Celeb BB final vote

Channel 5 confirms public vote to win percentages, with drag queen on 49%
3 comments - Posted on February 2 2018 at 11:42pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman final - Shane Jenek/Courtney Act crowned winner

Channel 5 has released the full details of the Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman final results – with the top two, Courtney Act and Ann Widdecombe, receiving almost 90% of the vote.

Tonight Courtney, a.k.a. Shane Jenek, triumphed over Ann in a final that bookies and fans widely predicted would be a head-to-head between the pair.

However, it wasn’t until bosses revealed the percentage breakdown of the public vote that it became truly clear it was a two-horse race.

During the live shows, presenter Emma Willis stated that Courtney won with 49% of the vote, with C5 later confirming the exact figure to be 49.43%.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman final - Ann Widdecombe finishes in second place

She was almost 10% ahead of Ann, who finished as runner-up with a 39.5% share.

Therefore, Courtney and Ann collectively racked up 88.93% of the vote, leaving the other three finalists trailing behind.

Boyzone singer Shane Lynch, the third place housemate, polled just 7.42%, while Ex On The Beach star Jess Impiazzi, who came fourth, had 2.75%. This left fifth-placer Wayne Sleep with a tiny 0.9%.

These figures take in to account all votes cast during the entire vote to win window, which opened on Tuesday. Lines were frozen three times before they closed for good at the end of the first of tonight’s two episodes.

Although Courtney attracted almost half of all votes, her percentage wasn’t quite high enough to stand as a Channel 5 record.

Isabelle Warburton, champion of last summer’s ‘civilian’ Big Brother, still has the highest winning result on 52.71%. The RuPaul’s Drag Race star slots in second, ahead of CBB16 winner James Hill, whose 45.16% now puts him in third.

This ranking is only based on publicly available data. C5 did not publish voting results for all series, except one, that took place between 2011 and summer 2015.

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3 comments on this article

  1. poem says:
    Sat 03 Feb Reply !

    final (act) 03.02.18
    i agree with emma
    don’t agree with nick
    creating no bubble bath tremor
    wayne in fith place is sick.
    a older gent
    the show he did enhance
    spice girls is a history event
    its no innuendo as we all saw wayne dance.
    disappointed with four
    into the line up is spanners
    loved the eagerness to learn more
    so well brought up the clue is the manners.
    thank you jess
    your journey was no fall to a hammer
    a beautiful lady i confess
    not stereotypical was your glamour.
    onto the bronze
    not enough as input only a inch
    was it a copy from the “fonz”
    but ultimate respect to mr deep lynch.
    now its the silver medal
    wanting to start marriage winning
    absolutely adored every pedal
    unlike shane needing no peeler as done is skinning.
    the winner is shane
    a journey of acceptance is the fact
    thank you CBB for this strain
    and congratulations to courtney act.

    ( thank you CBB and forum users for everything. one great series to go down in history. )

  2. Argyll says:
    Sat 03 Feb Reply !

    Dont believe the percentage for a start… has gone mad if this is a deserved winner :down: :down: ….really very sad.
    Ann or Shane L are more worthy but again it is a weird show now and sadly my last ..

    • Charlie Lamarque says:
      Sun 04 Feb !

      Stop being bitter just because your favourite didn’t win. My fav didn’t win in fact she came 2nd and that’s still really good and surprising. Doesn’t mean you should stop watching

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