Second Celeb BB security breach as intruders reach main house

Culprits entered garden, came face-to-face with housemates during live show
1 comment - Posted on January 27 2018 at 12:59pm

Aerial view of the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house at night

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 bosses are now dealing with the show’s most significant security breach ever after intruders trespassed in the house a second time – and came face-to-face with the housemates while the show was live on air.

Last Friday it emerged that two notorious vloggers on video website YouTube had gained unauthorised access to the Big Brother house at Elstree Studios.

They were able to enter a task room and film the housemates through one of the camera run mirrors, but security removed them before they made it any further.

Despite being caught just last week, it now appears that the same individuals returned to Elstree last night – and this time made it to the main part of the house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house pictures - garden

The housemates themselves were first to raise the alarm about the latest security breach when, during last night’s live triple eviction show, Ashley James exclaimed: “Oh, someone just jumped in.”

As presenter Emma Willis announced to the group that Daniel O’Reilly had been evicted, Wayne Sleep added: “Big Brother, there are people in the house.”

The intruders could not be seen on the programme, as producers immediately lowered the shutters over the glass wall leading in to the garden.

Emma then provided an update during her interview with Daniel, saying: “I don’t want to interrupt this, but I do have to say, people watching may have seen somebody get in to the garden, may have heard Wayne mention it.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Courtney and Daniel notice intruders in the garden during live triple eviction

“Just so you know, everybody’s fine, they didn’t get in to the house, and everything’s under control.”

As viewers speculated about what had happened, it became clear that the YouTubers behind last week’s stunt were responsible, when one of them uploaded footage to Snapchat that they’d filmed in the garden.

Paparazzi in the outdoor set caught photographs of them on the roof of the building, suggesting that they had managed to scale its walls.

A Channel 5 spokesperson has confirmed to bbspy that Big Brother has addressed the matter with the housemates, and that police were involved.

Aerial view of the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house

The broadcaster said in a statement: “Two intruders attempted to enter the Big Brother house on Friday night. They were apprehended by security in the garden. Police were in attendance and removed them from site. Big Brother has reassured the housemates and all is calm in the house.”

The latest incident is likely to raise serious questions about security at the Borehamwood studio complex, after guards failed to catch known intruders a second time in the space of a week.

During Big Brother’s run on Channel 4, its rulebook stated that, in the event of an intrusion, housemates “must not communicate with” the culprits, and should “make their way immediately inside the house and close the patio doors, even if not specifically asked to do so”.

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  1. poemgate says:
    Tue 30 Jan Reply !

    big brother rights ( breaking news – going through parliament today ) 30.01.18
    tonight was ground breaking
    all gone up in estimation
    face to face and no snaking
    the big brother “rights act” had creation.
    loved the acceptance
    ann did not at all linger
    behind the act and vengeance
    her compassion shows the haters 1 finger.
    jess clarified
    she might be wedding invited
    noing ann needs not to be modified
    “jess right act” gets me excited.
    having no right
    because of not noing the fact
    waynes honesty was a delight
    it might inspire the no dance act.
    we now have to voice
    its the act of eviction
    to stay are ann and amanda my choice
    both have taught me to say everything with conviction.

    ( the right to write terrible poetry is the act that is going to define me as a person ! )

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