Celebrity Big Brother upgrades double eviction to a triple

Three housemates will now leave the house during Friday night's live show
6 comments - Posted on January 23 2018 at 10:45pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house pictures - lounge

THREE housemates will now be booted out of Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman on Friday in a triple eviction, it has been confirmed.

Channel 5 previously announced that Friday’s two-part live show would feature a double eviction, appropriately billing it with the title ‘Celebrity Big Brother: Double Eviction’.

However, it seems bosses have since had a change of plan, as tonight, after Ginuwine became the fifth housemate to leave, presenter Emma Willis revealed that Friday will now see a triple boot-out.

It marks the first time that more than two eviction results will be announced on the same night since the controversial ‘4 In, 4 Out’ twist during Big Brother’s ‘Timebomb’ series in 2015.

Although three housemates – Sam, Chanelle and Ellie – departed on one night during last summer’s ‘civilian’ series, Sam left as a guest, having technically been evicted three days beforehand in prize fund twist ‘The Steal’.

The triple eviction will leave eight housemates heading in to finale week.

Before the grand final on Friday 2nd February, there will be one last live eviction show on Tuesday 30th January. It has been extended to 90 minutes from the usual hour running time, suggesting it is also likely to feature more than one exit.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e with the latest highlights show. C5 viewers will then get to see how it was made in a one-off ‘Behind The Scenes’ special immediately afterwards.

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6 comments on this article

  1. poemgate says:
    Wed 24 Jan Reply !

    will ashley get by on her own now ? 24.01.18
    pure surprise
    it was no tuesday shrove
    nothing major to deaminize
    certainly no love cooking on stove.
    very little impact
    never over the line
    very different from court in the act
    only right to split ashwine.
    bored of romance
    its not the place for cupid
    there is more twinkle in the bromance
    but even andrew and shane is stupid.
    lets see ashley alone
    will she crumble or shine
    from me is no moan
    happy to boot genuwine.

  2. poemgate says:
    Wed 24 Jan Reply !

    politics and knickers 24.01.18

    not at all a mess
    the innocence is critical
    sending to the commons is jess
    love watching her learn political.
    grateful and enthusiastic
    to intellect she will succumb
    with ann the friendship is fantastic
    its making me want to marry mrs widdecomb.
    never a face crash
    unlike shane with andrew
    expressing how ashley he would smash
    shanes smiles were false and few.
    lets end with a drum
    having consideration for those sentimental
    tonight andrew was pure scum
    talking if ashley is now up for rental.
    back to the rising
    jess gets a few gold stickers
    getting ready for politics and exercising
    not suggesting MP’s drop and forget knickers.

  3. mike new says:
    Thu 25 Jan Reply !

    Will it be A or C. Let me think. They are one and the same.

  4. poemgate says:
    Fri 26 Jan Reply !

    who goes – as long as we keep the dappa I am cool :conf:

    only one to save ( no dappa laughs ) 26.01.18
    we have to choose
    4 men are in the line
    who can we afford to loose
    but still keep a shine.
    shane is in turmoil
    but on it getting a grip
    excepting no bodie and doyle
    expressing dignity has already been stripped.
    shaneJ is on the list
    but 3 are in store
    johny is one more i insist
    no views equals a big bore.
    andrew is the opposite complete
    for bringing in the see you next tuesday
    this has confirmed his defeat
    unforgivable has no sway.
    onto the worthy
    straight with no bend
    so impressed nothing curvy
    time for dappa to laugh i strongly defend.

  5. anonymous91 says:
    Tue 30 Jan Reply !

    Ashley 100% sure she goes, such a lovely girl i will be tears to see her get evicted just before the final :cry:

    i think Amanda, Shane L will go either

  6. Argyll says:
    Tue 30 Jan Reply !

    Hope Ann and Amanda stay tonight…… :up: :up: :up: :up: unfortunately 2faced Wayne not up it would be great to see him and Shane J out the door …..back door would have been better..

    Sick to death of Shane J voice and shit talk. :down: :down: :down: :down: :: :down:

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