Women boot John Barnes out in Celeb BB back door eviction

Daniel O'Reilly escapes the chop after the men lose the latest battle of the sexes
2 comments - Posted on January 22 2018 at 10:58pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - John Barnes leaves house via the Diary Room in back door eviction

John Barnes became the fourth housemate to leave Celebrity Big Brother 2018 in a back door eviction over the weekend after the men lost to the women in the latest ‘battle of the sexes’.

After Rachel and Maggie departed in Friday’s live double eviction, the ‘power’ was back up for grabs – but this time it came with a nasty consequence.

This weekend’s twist began with the men and women nominating two housemates of the opposite gender. The men targeted Amanda and Ann, while the women chose Daniel and John.

A series of challenges then saw the rival sides go head-to-head. The winners would save their teammates from the threat of eviction – but also face the tough job of evicting one of their own two nominees.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Andrew Brady and Shane Lynch compete in battle of the sexes

As there were eight men and five women remaining at the time, three of the men sat out of each challenge to even up the numbers.

Part one was an endurance challenge, which involved players holding a feather in the air with their arms outstretched for as long as they could.

The men were the first team to drop out, with Shane J lasting the longest. Therefore, Ashley and Jess claimed victory for the women.

Part two involved three mental tests. For the first, ‘Cubes’, players had to assemble a cube using 3D puzzle pieces. Ashley and Malika beat Andrew and Shane L to finish their cube first, marking their second triumph.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Ann Widdecombe competes in battle of the sexes

Test two, ‘Colours’, saw Big Brother flash the names of colours on a screen in quick succession, but in different hues. Players had to shout out the colours the text was displayed in, rather than the words that appeared.

Shane J had no problem getting his entire sequence correct, but rival Ann faltered after a few words, and conceded defeat to the men.

Finally, ‘Counting’ saw a series of Big Brother eyes appear on the screen, some upside down. Players had to count the ones that displayed the right way up.

Daniel and Johnny guessed 38, while Amanda and Jess guessed 37. The correct answer was 33; as the women were closest, they were awarded the point.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Women announce their decision to evict John Barnes

Having won three of the four challenges, the women were declared the overall winners of the battle, saving Amanda and Ann from the axe.

They were then called to the ‘power room’, where Big Brother revealed that they’d have to unanimously decide whether to evict Daniel or John.

Back in the main house, it was up to Malika to announce their verdict. “With the heaviest hearts we have to say goodbye to John,” she confirmed.

“The reason for that is because we know that John can take this. He’s already set up for himself and his family, we believe Daniel still deserves a shot at winning.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Daniel O'Reilly hugs back door evictee John Barnes

John took the news in good spirits, urging a tearful Ashley not to cry as he said his goodbyes. As he left via the Diary Room, he said he was “surprisingly okay”.

“It happened so suddenly and it happened unexpectedly, so I haven’t really had time for it to sink in,” he commented. “I don’t feel that they don’t like me, but I really feel that they get on better with Dan.

“Dan is the life and soul of the house, he tells jokes, he gets on with everyone, so that is what I would have expected. There are no hard feelings whatsoever, I know it’s a hard decision for them to take.”

John’s exit will be followed by another live eviction tomorrow at 9.00pm on Channel 5 and 3e.

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  1. poem says:
    Tue 23 Jan Reply !

    brotherlove or showromance 23.01.18
    it was a shocker
    but ended chilled and cool
    in the back of the net this knocker
    pure victory for liverpool.
    out the back door
    not to receive the crowd and flannel
    mass support i want to ensure
    the interrogation is on a bit on the side channel.
    over to the winner
    in this case hes the wrapper
    we have to dissect the inner
    lets dissolve the dappa.
    onto whats blooming
    it could be a love that’s devine
    all 3 had zooming
    shane andrew and coutney dwarf ashwine.
    not sure how its ending
    romance or just as friends and no lover
    unlike ann this relationship i’m defending
    but is it one more showromance brother.
    ( i think if this brother love between shane andrew and courtintheact is a showromance – then they deserve top marks for playing it ! if you can do a jingle reply then i will show some poetry love ! )

  2. anonymous91 says:
    Tue 23 Jan Reply !

    Ginuwine out next please

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