Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final dated for Friday 2nd February

Year of the Woman to end after 32 days with finale split across two shows
4 comments - Posted on January 18 2018 at 12:45pm

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Channel 5 has confirmed that Celebrity Big Brother’s Year of the Woman will come to an end on Friday 2nd February 2018 with a two-part live finale.

Presenter Emma Willis will evict the finalists and reveal who viewers have voted as the show’s 21st champion across two live shows, airing at 9.00pm-10.00pm and 10.35pm-11.05pm. Sandwiched between them will be the latest episode of US sitcom Will & Grace.

This marks the first time in over four years that C5 has split up a CBB final. Bosses previously separated the conclusion of the twelfth series in summer 2013 to use it as a launch pad for ill-fated reality show Celebrity Super Spa.

With a combined duration of 90 minutes, it will also be the shortest final since the fourteenth series in summer 2014.

The scheduling means that the current Celebrity Big Brother will last 32 days, matching the record for the longest series ever.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 live show filming

Ahead of the final, the last live eviction night will take place on Tuesday 30th January at 9.00pm in a special 90-minute show, extended from the usual hour.

As a result, the last instalment of live feed, later that night at 12.35am, has been reduced to 25 minutes from its usual 55-minute running time.

Meanwhile, the highlights show on Saturday 27th January will air at 10.00pm on Channel 5, half an hour earlier than usual. Therefore, there will be no ‘first look’ airing on 5STAR that night.

With only four live eviction nights to go before the series ends, questions have been raised over how producers will cut the numbers in the house.

There are currently fifteen housemates remaining, with two set to depart in a double boot-out tomorrow night.

CBB fans have an extra treat to look forward to next week, as C5 has announced a one-off ‘Behind The Scenes’ special which will feature a rare backstage look at the show.

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4 comments on this article

  1. denise says:
    Fri 19 Jan Reply !

    I think the house may need to do some exercises as a task :up: :heart: from Denise warden xx

    • denise says:
      Fri 19 Jan !

      The housemates need to do some exercises as a task because they look a little bit en fit and they need to shape up from Denise warden :heart:

  2. poemgate says:
    Fri 19 Jan Reply !

    the longer cbb is on the nbetter :grin:

    fuse 19.01.18


    this is not ageism

    on the other side is a twinkle

    maggie is the criticism

    my first priority is to save the ann wrinkle.

    over to the leave

    2 parties are in the doc

    no headlines to retrieve

    get rid of the silent stock.

    andrew is in the middle

    not yet got a opinion made

    with the door is leading this riddle

    john to score and leave can i persuade.

    rachel has intellect

    media awareness not going spare

    is graham loose going to pick up and select

    has he got views on sister of rival mayor.

    we have to maggie surrender

    lack of input is the penalty

    the regular guy on bots makes me a defender

    the same views show CBB loyalty.

    please vote understanding

    even if this does confuse

    john and maggie i am clearly handing

    not voting will cause a boredom fuse.

  3. poemgate says:
    Sat 20 Jan Reply !

    I got a result :heart:

    did we evict in the interest of CBB ? ( fri 19 jan double eviction ) 20.01.18
    we had a result
    no regret or any shame
    leaving causes no halt
    best interest were in the game.
    the prayers did spark
    did the poetry reach
    might get a spot at finsbury park
    attach a hook and preach.
    maggie is to decent
    respect and dignity
    nothing but delightful and pleasant
    her legacy has infinity.
    john did escape
    it was no liverpool score
    like rachels rap its all on tape
    when not drinking shes a bore.
    delighted with the boot
    this CBB is done mentally
    thank you voters as game is at the root
    understanding CBB we all do actually.

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