Channel 5 to air Celebrity Big Brother behind the scenes special

Fans promised a 'compelling glimpse' at the work that goes on backstage
- Posted on January 16 2018 at 07:34pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 live show filming

Channel 5 is to air a one-off special during Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman that will give viewers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the reality show.

The half-hour programme, named ‘Celebrity Big Brother: Behind The Scenes’, will reveal what goes on backstage at CBB’s Elstree Studios production base.

Its official synopsis promises viewers “an in-depth look through the keyhole of the famous Celebrity Big Brother house, revealing a compelling glimpse at the work that goes on behind the scenes.”

Further details about the show, such as its format and whether it will feature footage from previous series, have yet to be confirmed.

Celebrity Big Brother: Behind The Scenes will air on Wednesday 24th January at 10.05pm on Channel 5, immediately after the latest CBB highlights episode.

However, to accommodate the special, there will not be an episode of Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side that night. The spin-off has already been shunted around the schedules on Wednesdays due to C5’s coverage of football’s Carabao Cup.

While one-off Big Brother specials were common during the show’s Channel 4 days, C5 has only aired them sparingly. In 2015 there were a series of ‘best bits’ clip shows, and there was an auditions special before the thirteenth ‘civilian’ series in 2012, which was the last to feature an open auditions tour.

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