Celeb BB denies rule breach over Ann, Rachel newspaper columns

Evictee India suggests show should 'disqualify' housemates for outside contact
3 comments - Posted on January 15 2018 at 10:51pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year Of The Woman launch - Rachel Johnson

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 bosses insist that Ann Widdecombe and Rachel Johnson haven’t breached rules by filing newspaper columns, as ex-housemate India Willoughby claimed that such outside contact should result in “disqualification”.

Although Big Brother rules are supposed to forbid housemates from having any contact with the outside world, two articles written inside the house have surfaced in the press over the past week.

On Wednesday, the Daily Express published a column by Ann, entitled ‘Day 9 and I can’t believe I’m still in the Celebrity Big Brother house’.

The Mail on Sunday followed it yesterday with a story in which Rachel ‘lifts the lid’ on her ‘fortnight of flirting, twerking and feminism’.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year Of The Woman launch - Ann Widdecombe

Rachel’s article was brought up on today’s edition of Channel 5’s morning talk show The Wright Stuff, which featured Friday’s evictee India Willoughby, Rachel’s father Stanley Johnson and CBB2 housemate Anne Diamond as guests.

When host Matthew Wright read out an excerpt, Stanley – who himself recently ventured in to reality TV on ITV’s I’m Celebrity – expressed confusion, asking: “How did Rachel write that at the weekend? I thought she was in the house?”

“That’s what I thought,” agreed Anne.

India, a self-confessed Big Brother fan, proceeded to suggest that the show should ‘disqualify’ contestants who’d need to write columns while taking part.

“This is interesting because the first rule of Big Brother is that all housemates must have no contact with the outside world, so I would say that’s disqualification, surely?” she said.

In response to the controversy, Channel 5 has insisted that neither Ann nor Rachel have had direct contact with the outside to submit their work.

When asked by bbspy about Rachel’s article today, a spokesperson responded: “Rachel doesn’t leave the house or have access to anything relating to the outside world to continue her work commitments.”

This is almost identical to the broadcaster’s response to Ann’s piece, issued to The Bite on Wednesday, which read: “Ann doesn’t leave the house or discuss anything relating to the outside world to continue her work commitments.”

Nonetheless, die-hard Big Brother fans believe newspaper columns to be a breach of the outside contact rule, as they give certain housemates a platform to connect with the public that others don’t have, and enable them to try to control how they’re perceived during the show.

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3 comments on this article

  1. Josh says:
    Tue 16 Jan Reply !

    Honestly this is why Big Brother in general is struggling in the UK and why, in my opinion, it struggled in Australia. The core fundamental rules have been thrown out the window.

    I’ve been watching BB since it aired in the US and caught up on the UK and AU versions and back in the first decade when CBS changed the American format to be more “Survivor-esque” it was often regarded as the “black sheep” of the franchise.

    However as we end BB’s 2nd decade on air it actually seems to be one of the 2000-01 versions that still adhere to the basic fundamental rules 1.) No contact with the outside world 2.) House filmed 24/7 and shown live on the Internet

    The American version was also known as the “least innovative” in terms of twists as it usually relied on similar cast related twists while the other versions explored more format related twists.

    Going into this new decade it seems the American & Canadian versions are the most stable and adhere more to the original format versus the British & Australian versions.

    While it seems Celebrity Big Brother USA is off to a good start by confirming the Live Internet Feeds will continue (something we haven’t seen from a CBB UK series since CBB7 on C4.)

    I will die laughing if CBS has some journalists in the American version but they won’t be able to continue writing their articles/blogs while in the House.

    If CBS is able to create a successful CBB season by having live Internet feeds, all housemates cut off from the outside world and minimal nomination twists that should be a big signal to C5 and the current British BB team that sometimes back to basic is necessary and less is more.

    • Dale says:
      Fri 19 Jan !

      The US CBB is sticking to the HOH and no public vote format from what has been confirmed so far. However it is only lasting 2 weeks so I imagine there will probably be nomination or eviction night twists. But hopefully they will be on the side of BBCAN rather than BBUK. For example the backwards week twist on BBCAN was brilliant reinventing the face-to-face noms.

  2. connie says:
    Wed 17 Jan Reply !

    If it aint broke, why fix it? The original format was by far the best. Leave them to stew and see what happens. The tasks are childish and boring to watch. They need less tasks, less food, more alcohol and no contact with the outside world. This series is more like a holiday camp.

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