Celeb BB to air live special tomorrow, first eviction on Friday

Fans left wondering what will happen during Tuesday's 90-minute show
1 comment - Posted on January 8 2018 at 12:50pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year of the Woman - male live launch - presenter Emma Willis

Channel 5 has confirmed that the first eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 will take place on Friday – leaving fans wondering what will happen during tomorrow’s extended special.

Last month it was announced that tomorrow’s episode of the ‘Year of the Woman’ series will last 90 minutes, half an hour longer than the usual duration of Tuesday episodes.

At the time, C5 did not reveal what it would involve, or whether it would be live.

Fans assumed it would likely feature an eviction, but yesterday, the broadcaster confirmed that the first boot-out will actually take place on Friday.

Bosses are remaining tight-lipped about their plans for Tuesday, with a C5 spokesperson telling The Bite: “Details of the Tuesday show are still to be confirmed, we will keep you posted.”

However, it has now emerged that it will be a live show, as Big Brother’s partner agency Applause Store has begun offering audience tickets for the special.

The firm’s booking page says: “Tuesday night is a very special show with some surprises in store.”

Presenter Emma Willis did not give any hints during the last live show on Friday, only saying she’d “be back here next week for our first live eviction”.

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