RuPaul’s Drag Race star Courtney Act tipped for Celeb BB

Australian reality TV regular among male housemates due to arrive on Friday
4 comments - Posted on January 4 2018 at 12:01pm

Courtney Act

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race star Courtney Act is reportedly set to join Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year Of The Woman tomorrow night with the male contestants.

The Sun claims that Courtney, real name Shane Jenek, has signed up to take part in the latest series of the Channel 5 show.

“Courtney has seen everything as a drag queen so nothing will faze her in the house,” a source commented.

“She’s a pro who won’t be intimidated by any of the big personalities in there and she won’t back down from a row.”

The reality TV star made her first big splash in 2003, taking part in the first series of Australian Idol. She was rejected by the judges after auditioning as Shane, but later performed a second try-out as Courtney, and made the live shows.

Courtney is best known for taking part in the sixth season of drag queen talent contest RuPaul’s Drag Race, a cult smash that airs in the UK on TruTV and Netflix. She finished as one of the runners-up to Bianca Del Rio, who has herself been rumoured for CBB in the past.

Last year she made her first major UK TV appearance on MTV’s Single AF, a dating show which follows celebrities as they travel the globe looking for love.

In becoming a Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Courtney – whose stage name is a play on the phrase “caught in the act” – would follow in the footsteps of Drag Race judge Michelle Visage, a finalist in the January 2015 series.

The latest CBB began on Tuesday with an all-female housemate line-up, in a twist to mark 100 years since the first women won the right to vote in the UK.

After three days in the house by themselves, the women will be joined by the male housemates during tomorrow night’s live show, one of whom has been confirmed as footballer John Barnes.

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4 comments on this article

  1. mike new says:
    Fri 05 Jan Reply !

    Lets just hope he/she/it rubs India up the wrong way!

  2. Hannah says:
    Fri 05 Jan Reply !

    India is a joke ! She needs will never be a real woman ffs she’s aggressive repetitive domineering and what ever gender she wants to be she’s ugly on the inside…. awful creature does nothing to help the transgender issues just makes her deep voice and Adam’s apple more pronounced and aggressive

    • FRANCIS says:
      Sun 07 Jan !

      More than a woman than you, and i can’t stand her!, people like you Hannah should just stop breathing. Woman who can’t have children what are they? hateful CUN T.

    • SJ says:
      Mon 08 Jan !

      How dare you say something like that! India is a woman, you have no clue what the he’ll it is like to wake up 3very day feeling like you have been born in the wrong gebdr’s body and the implications that can have on your ever say life is very traumatic and stressful for some. What makes it 1000 times tougher is fAcing non stop ignorance and prejudice from people like yourself all around sms unfortunately that is still very existent in so many places even in 21st century which to be honest I find pretty disgusting.

      You really need to open your mind up and realise transgenders are equal to everyone else. They are people just like you and I who need a bit of empathy and understanding not narrow mindedness and hurtful comments like yours aimed at them.

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