Dapper Laughs set to join Celeb BB’s Year Of The Woman

Comedian's involvement likely to prove controversial following public backlash
2 comments - Posted on January 4 2018 at 07:26pm

Dapper Laughs

Disgraced comedian Dapper Laughs will reportedly enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house tomorrow night, in a move that may prove controversial for the ‘Year of the Woman’ series.

Real name Daniel O’Reilly, the 33-year-old rose to fame on social networking platform Vine in 2013, and released a number 15-charting single, ‘Proper Moist’.

He later made the jump to television, starring in ITV2’s Dapper Laughs: On The Pull – but the dating series came under fire, facing accusations of misogyny and perpetuating everyday sexism.

The scandal came to a head when footage leaked of O’Reilly claiming a female audience member at one of his gigs was “gagging for a rape”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eye logo

ITV responded by axing On The Pull, and O’Reilly apologised during an interview on Newsnight, pledging to retire his ‘character’. However, he soon announced that Laughs would return in a stand-up tour named ‘The Res-Erection’.

Now, over three years after he left the mainstream media spotlight, The Sun claims that O’Reilly – who now has a year-old daughter – will make his television comeback tomorrow by entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

“Dapper Laughs is going to make great TV and he’s definitely going to spice things up in the house,” the newspaper’s source said.

“It’s been a pretty bland series so far so they definitely need him in there to ruffle some feathers with the ladies.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year Of The Woman launch - Ann Widdecombe

Given the nature of his public downfall, O’Reilly’s involvement in the new series Celebrity Big Brother would almost certainly prove controversial.

It has been named ‘Year of the Woman’ in a twist to mark 100 years since the first women won the right to vote in the UK, with only female housemates entering the house on its launch night earlier this week.

Multiple contestants, including former Conservative politician Ann Widdecombe and journalist Rachel Johnson, have stated that they only agreed to take part in the show this year due to the feminist theme.

The women have spent three days in the house by themselves, but that will change during tonight’s live shows at 9.00pm and 10.30pm on Channel 5 and 3e, when the men will make their entrances. So far, the only officially confirmed male housemate is footballer John Barnes.

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2 comments on this article

  1. poemgate says:
    Sun 07 Jan Reply !

    did you understand tonight ? ( poll ) 07.01.18
    went down like a ruby
    defiantly not a chicken tikka
    this was no john mccririck with a booby
    loved the compassion spice from malika.
    what great strength
    gone up in my book
    how i wish just a tenth
    setting up life to cook.
    india is in torture
    sorry for the abandon
    anyone else feel the heat is a scorcher
    shutting down is not deliberate and not random.
    john shot a goal
    loved the comparison
    what a beautiful sole
    leaving india on her jones he’s harrison.
    ending subtly
    understanding were the hands
    one more like is ashley
    on the forums tonight who understands.

  2. poemgate says:
    Tue 09 Jan Reply !

    desert storm – well if a prisoner i am gone then go do your time ! 09.01.18
    this is no jungle
    don’t let the past reform
    onto the mic i will smuggle
    CBB needs a bit of desert storm.
    with society is a debt
    its not green nutrition like broccoli
    to hot for the indian set
    time for the intro of the brockie.
    a blatant divider
    all done in a over powering way
    india is no grooverider
    not even close to a darren jay.
    just looking for grins
    but they are all gone
    making me smile are the ragga twins
    with a little DJ ron.
    a prisoner is to much to handle
    but for india we can not cry
    let me end with DJ randall
    but is this desert storm now dry.
 i got all my djs from this website and whats in the bank and if you want to hear whats in the desert you can here –

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