Amanda, Jess win Celeb BB immunity as men face disadvantage

Women will play for safety from first eviction - while men can't even nominate
1 comment - Posted on January 3 2018 at 10:14am

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Year Of The Woman - Amanda Barrie, Jess Impiazzi win immunity from first eviction

Amanda Barrie and Jess Impiazzi are safe from the first Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eviction after the female housemates began a quest to win immunity from the first eviction – which the men can’t nominate for.

The Channel 5 show’s ‘Year Of The Woman’ series began tonight with only female contestants, in a twist to mark 100 years since UK women first won the right to vote.

During the show, it was revealed that the male housemates will not be able to nominate for the first eviction next week.

Once they had moved in to the house, the eight women were given another advantage when Emma Willis appeared on the lounge screen to announce that, over the next few days, they will compete to win immunity from the boot-out.

While delivering her message, the house appeared to suffer technical difficulties, with the video link becoming disrupted and the lights flickering on and off.

Big Brother instructed the housemates to move to the Other house, where they found that the issues were actually a cover for their first immunity challenge.

Emma entered the house for the task, which saw the group split in to pairs: Amanda and Jess, Ann and Ashley, India and Maggie and Malika and Rachel.

Each pair had a circuit board they had to fix in order to correct the difficulties, first using a spanner to remove a lid, then using coloured wires to connect corresponding plugs. The first pair to pull their lever and restore the power won immunity.

Sporadically, fuses exploded in a bid to distract the ladies – while Malika Haqq managed to break one of her nails in the frantic rush to be first to finish.

Amanda and Jess proved to be a dream team as they raced ahead of their rivals, and Emma eventually rewarded them with the first two immunity passes. Further safety challenges will take place in the coming days.

At the end of the show, Emma confirmed to viewers that the men will arrive in the house on Friday – but they will be immediate disadvantage as the women continue to rule the house.

However, the men will apparently get the chance to “steal” power back as the series progresses.

Celebrity Big Brother: Year Of The Woman continues nightly on Channel 5.

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  1. mike new says:
    Wed 03 Jan Reply !

    For once my eyes would only be on hers. Jess really does have lovely ones.

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